IoT Products

5G NSA/NR Gateway

Hongdian's Cellular Routers are industrial grade, simple-to-manage, enabling IoT / M2M deployments anywhere in the world and offering full flexible API integration and pricing structures, to fit your IoT business needs.

NB-IoT & LTE-M Analyzer

NB-IoT analyzer is based on signal quality of LPWAN communication technology. It mainly provides test operations for NB network, which is characterized by low power consumption, wide coverage and low cost.

LTE Industrial Router

Hongdian IoT Device includes Cellular Router ,Cellular serial modem ,Media Wi-Fi router , LoRa gateway & Node , NB-IoT Modem with high quality , 24*7 connectivity , rock-solid stability performance. 

Cellular Serial Modem

 Hongdian’s cellular serial modems are industrial grade, cost effective products . product design meets the industrial standard, embedded PPP, TCP / IP, DDP and other protocols.

Edge Computing Gateway

X2 is a new high-performance edge computing gateway for industrial Internet of Things with abundant data interfaces, modular hardware, flexible combination, strong scalability.

Industrial Android Computer

Hongdian Android industrial PC is an intelligent industrial control device with high reliability and low power dissipation designed with embedded microprocessor and  operating system.

Mobile DVR

Hongdian MDVR series includes mini DVR, 4channel and 8 channel HD mobile DVR with the functions of  GPS, HD video recorder, real-time monitoring,etc.

IoT Platform

Hongdian‘s cloud management platform is a comprehensive system helping users  analyze & manage devices at scale, fast to install and easy to manage. 

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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