Hongdian partners with Nepal Telecome to establish Nepal tour bus Wi-Fi system


Nepal has a long history country near to the Himalayas, Katmandu is the capital of Nepal, which has rich tourism resources and conventional religious culture, in recent years, tens of foreign visitors travel here, many tour buses come into use for travelers in order to provide comfort and convenience locally, for tour bus better experience, Nepal Telecom has deployed media Wi-Fi on the bus, on which passengers can enjoy local movies, music, apps without any data usage, meantime also can surf the Internet via one button validation, largely increase journey entertainment and improve passengers satisfaction.

Solution Brief

This scheme is provided by Hongdian to Nepal Telecom, Nepal Telecom is Nepal unique biggest national mobile provider, in aim to bring mobile media Wi-Fi enjoyment to passengers, meantime can make Wi-Fi advertising based on local portal.

To satisfy tour bus scenario Wi-Fi requirements, Nepal Telecom demanded a series of requirements, the box capacity must keep the small size in control, meantime has the ability of security, stability, reliability and embeddedness, based on these requirements, with years of vehicle mobile communication advantages, Hongdian takes industrial advanced vehicle media Wi-Fi solution, media Wi-Fi router.

Media Wi-Fi router passenger experience flow:

1. Passenger on the bus uses mobile phone and open Wi-Fi

2.They will find SSID “17givemefi”, then use mobile phone to connect to “17givemefi”

3.Mobile phone will pop up Nepal Telecom portal auto, local wonderful movies, music, apps inside, passenger can watch movies, listen to the music, or download apps to play etc., do not worry data usage, local storage keeps zero delay visit experience

4.What’s more, the box has integrated 3G Internet, passenger also can surf the Internet via Nepal Telecom portal one button validation

5.Based on Hongdian Media Wi-Fi management platform passenger validation memory, when passenger takes the bus next time, they can get available Internet directly, not need one button validation again

6.That’s done.

Solution Diagram

Project Benefits

1.Huge Advertising effect flow entrance

The project has run two months since May 2017, currently PV, UV has reached tens of visits,

largely achieved a huge advertising effect via portal inside advertisements, next step, we are cooperating with Nepal Telecom to publish LBS advertisements, it can pop up pertinence advertisements based on bus GPS location, we believe it will excavate and create more advertising effect for vehicle mobile service.

2.Deversity and flexible local content operation mode

It provides local offline movies, music and apps, which improves passenger comfort and convenience greatly, has won many passengers the high admiration, meantime facilitated local tour bus flow and brought the appreciable economic effect, meantime local content also can attract more media company cooperation and investment, which has a huge content marketing effect potential.

3.Cloud management platform remote monitor and maintenance

Remote monitoring and maintenance services are also available in the management platform, so administrator can view tour bus location clearly and remote update portal content easily, largely decrease the project maintenance cost.

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