Hongdian cellular router smarts Taiwan urban public bus board system


With the rapid development of science and technology, the traffic volume in the city is growing fast and various problems occurred in the buses management. However, Intelligent electronic bus board system can provide real-time and accurate information for vehicle operation and management to reduce the pressure of public transportation and improve the overall running speed of bus. Therefore, its use can effectively enhance the city's information and intelligence.

Solution Brief

Intelligent electronic bus board system for Taiwan government agencies, automobile transportation company provides complete system solutions,established the 1600 seats in Taiwan is the intelligent bus electronic board. the system provides a comprehensive and quality bus travel server for public transport passengers.The system use in total of 100 H9350 routers, on the one hand H9350 as the core of the network transmission equipment, provide the electronic bus board with high speed, stable wireless channel, to ensure that the bus routes information real-time, accurate, realizes the remote management and monitoring of the electronic bus bard;On the other hand, H9350 as a wireless hotspot, combines local portal to provide passengers with stable and reliable free WiFi service, and also brings new revenue methods such as advertising push and APP distribution to operators.

1.Free Wi-Fi:provide passengers free internet access, the user through mobile phones connect WiFi to access the internet service; location based advertising push, push the business information and  coupons that nearby bus stations; user data analysis, Through the user's interest data, accurate push relevant advertising information.

2.Bus information:static display bus station all bus lines map, convenient for passengers to directly query the station bus line, planning transfer.

3.Map:provide location information about main attractions, transportation hubs, public services, etc.

4.LED display:dynamic display of the bus line map, the passengers can know when the bus arrive the bus station and The bus stops at which bus station etc, convenient for passengers to choose the bus;rotation plays the public service advertising, scenic spot introduction and other propaganda films.

5.Barrier-free call:provide barrier-free call service for blind person and disabled person, it is necessary to remind the bus driver in this station that special passengers need to take the bus. Meanwhile, the area can check the bus card balance and other services.

Solution Diagram

Project Benefits

1.Promoting urban public transport development

Government transport and other departments can provide more and more convenient services for passengers, such as free WiFi,Bus enquiries, barrier-free calls, etc.enhance the passenger's travel experience and promote the sustainable and healthy development of urban public transport.meanwhile, a new window has been opened for the publicity of the city.

2.Increase operating profit model

With a large advertising audience and accurate user analysis, it attracts merchants near the bus stations to advertise and distribute coupons,the profitability of the operators is improved.

3.Reduce the operation cost of bus operation company

Remote monitoring center can real-time monitor the working state of the electronic bus board, the fault alarm, lower operation and maintenance costs, at the same time can also connect with the bus dispatching system, help for bus operation company dispatching.

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