Hongdian provides reliable networking to super market chain stores in Turkey


Super markets have been existing very popularly for decades and it will surely continue for very long time in the 21th century. In every country, there are lots of big super market companies with a lot of chain store branches. A good networking system to connect all branches will greatly help company to improve efficiency and have better management of branches.


Solution Brief

A101 is big super market company in Turkey, as business growing, more and more chain stores  open to market. Meanwhile an integrated networking solution becomes mandatory. According to A101 requirement, Hongdian gives a good solution with our H9920 device. With hongdian H9920 4G router, A101 store has private secure internet for POS, Cash register and PC as well as phone call. Specially, this phone call feature gives A101 team good management to all the stores, which is very important feature for them in this project. A101 management team also use Hongdian M2M cloud management platform to manage the routers, monitoring all the running status, detecting abnormal immediately and take action fast. The easy operation of system helps store staffs to easily manage it, which greatly help management and maintenance team to easily and fast get the system to work any time. Comparing to fixed line, our 4G router shows great advantage.

And here are summary of Hongdian solution advantages:

* cut down expensive Land line costs for xDSL or ethernet circuits

* Avoid too often cut-off and long recovery time for land lines

* Reduce OPEX costs to transfer the savings for growth to compete

* One Brand, one router, one management

* Reduce the costs for field maintenance

* Reduce the cost to maintain an expensive IP telephony infrastructure

* Private secure network for whole system

* Easy and fast deployment

Solution Diagram

Customer Reviews

The project is very successful, because the system gives good solution to A101, help us solve  networking issue. Let us have a good management of the big amount of chain stores. 

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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