Hongdian Provides Build Energy Monitoring Solution In India

Why build Energy Monitoring solution?

Today, building energy consumption takes a great part of total energy consumption in the world, To meet environmental-friendly requirements, Building energy monitoring system is developed, By monitoring and control the energy consumption within a building, Build energy monitoring solution can reduce energy consumption effectively and provide a better efficiency.

Hongdian build Energy Monitoring Solution

With an increasing need for reduction in energy consumption level in India, government bodies are initiating several policies and regulations encourage sustainable development practices. This will result in a growing demand for build energy monitoring solution during the forecast period. Under this positive india policy, Hongdian received the monitoring requirement from the India Infosys Data Center Power Consumption Monitoring, the client required data center power consumption monitoring of machine cabinet, air condition, UPS, lighting, PC etc and Power overload consumption alarm &Power consumption report and preventive analysis. Hongdian technical team deeply analysed the actual application after receiving client’s demand and recommended the H8951 model to client. Hongdian deploys 1000pcs H8951 in the Infosys data center, all power supply units operation data is uploaded and monitored to SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) through H8951 3G/4G high speed Internet, so far the system running stably, reliably, greatly contributes to Infosys power consumption management more scientifically and reasonably.Administrator can monitor and manage all power supply units real-time, centralize and remotely in the SCADA.



H8951 Industrial cellular Wi-Fi router

H8951 industrial 4G WiFi router adopts high-performance 32-bit MIPS processor, based on the common base platform, modular design , built-in global mainstream wireless 3G / 4G module, embedded operating system, for wireless network instability and Variation optimizes the design provides high-speed and reliable routing and data transmission capabilities.



The Benefits of Hongdian Solution

 After installing Hongdian H8951 model, now the client could get delicacy management and monitoring of power consumption, relieve the company power consumption waste, quick response of power accident and power alarm, easy maintenance of power supply units, dedicated power consumption analysis and statistics ,trending analysis, more benefit for making more suitable power consumption schedule.

We hope Hongdian bulid energy solution could helps more and more companys to reduce the energy consumption and improve the efficiency.

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