Welcome to IFSEC & FIREX International 2015 London

As the most influential and biggest professional security exhibition in Europe, IFSEC & FIREX International 2015 will be held on 16-18 June at London ExCeL , offering access to the latest products, exclusive demonstrations of cutting-edge technology, case studies from peers within security and inspiration from experts in the industry. Hongdian, a professional manufacturer of 3G/4G Mobile DVR/DVS and supplier of total solution of vehicle remote area surveillance, will participate in this international event in London. At the fair, we will present you our latest models of 3G/4G MDVR/DVS, industrial 3G/4G router and CMS including:
1.High resolution MDVR with 3G/4G, GPS wifi
2.HDD MDVR with 3G/4G GPS wifi
3.SSD/dual SD MDVR with 3G GPS
4.Central management software platform for MDVR
5.Offline storage 3G/4G Bus wifi Solution
6.Industrial 3G/4G routers
7.3G/4G SOHO VoIP wifi CPE
8.Smart home solution
Our booth No. is G2455a HALL S10 , We sincerely invite you to visit us during the fair and your presence will be our great honor.

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