Hongdian Invites You to HongKong Fair

As a provider of wireless M2M and wireless surveillance industry in China, Hongdian will participant in HongKong Fair in Asia-World Expo of Hong Kong during April 11-14, 2015. In the fair Hongdian will present its latest products and solutions of MDVR, industrial 3G/4G routers and CMS, including:
1.High resolution MDVR with 3G/4G, GPS wifi
2.HDD MDVR with 3G/4G GPS wifi
3.SSD/dual SD MDVR with 3G GPS
4.Central management software platform for MDVR
5.Offline storage 3G/4G Bus wifi Solution
6.Industrial 3G/4G routers
7.3G/4G SOHO VoIP wifi CPE
8.Smart home solution
Our booth No.: 5H27. We sincerely invite you to visit us during the fair and your presence will be our great honor.

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