Tower Crane Wireless Management Platform for Security



In recent years, the tower crane has been widely used in lots of application in the construction industry, by its good vertical transportation ability. There are about 700000 tower cranes running in domestic construction site, with a 20-30 thousand units increase per year. However, kinds of tower crane operation safety accidents occur frequently, causing heavy damage to life and property, and it has been up to 30% of site major workplace accidents. Major cause is kinds of irregularities, the overload operation. So we should take some effective means, to supervise the operation and avoid similar accidents.

With the continuous development of network technology, it’s possible to remotely monitor large industrial production in real-time. Through the remote real-time monitoring, regulatory departments don’t have to monitor the running status of equipment on the scene.

System Architecture

The system integrated microelectronic technology, the information sensing technology, and wireless intelligent communication products, to realize the real-time monitoring of working condition of the tower crane. Through analysis and process output data from tower crane lifting weight sensors, position sensor and angle transducer, we can implement real-time monitoring of lifting weight, lifting moment, hook height and turning angle, can automatically keep tower crane working in a safe limit. Once the data overcome the limit, the system can send us an alarm. In this way, we can avoid the operator's safety accident caused by negligence or judgment as much as possible. At the same time, the system can real-time record the data of tower crane in dangerous working conditions, provide a reliable basis for analyzing the accident. 


The solution uses Hongdian low-power GPRS wireless communication modem H7710, for data transmission of tower crane. Through the GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/EDGE/EVDO/TD-SCDMA wireless network access to the Internet, H7710 establishes a connection with server in system control center, providing transparent data transmission channels for field data of tower crane and commands from remote monitoring center.

(1) Multi operation mode (transparent and non- transparent)

(2) Always online

(3) Support local data activation

(4) Multiple hardware and software watchdog mechanism

(5) Embedded complete PPP, TCP/IP protocol stack

(6) Protocol extensions

(7) Built-in PPP heartbeat mechanism, prevent dormant connection

(8) Heartbeat mechanism in the application layer, maintain stability of the application layer connection, timely detect condition of connection

(9) Support firmware upgrade

(10) Support cloud management platform

(11) Embedded good-performance processor, support high-speed processing protocol and large data

(12) 100% success rate connected to the Internet

(13) Stability: 7 x24 hours

(14) 100% success rate re-connected to the Internet after abnormal disconnection

System Value

Tower crane wireless management platform brings a lot of convenience to the relevant departments:

1. Tower crane driver: Timely warning when irregularities, early warning mechanism to improve safety awareness, convenient operation, eliminate hidden dangers

2. Construction units and supervision units: real-time data acquisition, timely rectification, eliminate hidden safety trouble

3. Tower crane owners: master the running status of tower crane, know operation of the tower crane driver better, and eliminate hidden safety trouble

4. Regulators: completely solve the problem of real-time monitoring production safety situation. Real-time track irregularities, prior to eliminate hidden dangers, afterwards analysis and summary, improve the level of scientific management.

5. Vendors: timely access to the running state of the tower crane for maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.


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