Hongdian 3G MDVR, good helper to Brazil police

In recent years, Brazil's worsening security situation, especially in law enforcement are common occurrences of police violence in Brazil, the number of casualties reached 11,197 people from 2009 to 2013 because of the violence of law enforcement , how to eradicate violence from law enforcement has become an urgent need to local government and police.

May 2015, Shengkatanuo City police cooperated with Hongdian from China, with its 3G video surveillance system installed in the police car. The system uses a self-developed MDVR product, when the car starts, the monitoring system will automatically enter the working mode, the camera is installed in a police car to monitor and record view angle of 180 °, even if the police got out pulled, the system  will continue to monitor events around. All video data is stored in a separate host and network real-time transmission to the command center . The control center can conduct real-time supervision and guide law enforcement officers.

Monitoring devices used in the project is Hongdian H3324 Series Car DVR, it is with functions of 4 channel camera monitoring ;manual / automatic / alarm image capture, location tracking and historical trajectory of quantitative query etc. All recorded data is stored in a local hard disk or SSD , user can remotely view real-time, historical video, can also be remotely download recorded data.


Implementation of this project greatly improves the efficiency of law enforcement to local police, which has been highly appreciated by the police. 

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