Hongdian 4G Router Assists Dutch Network Communication


Recently, there comes another exacting news of Hongdian overseas market: with advanced communication technology and excellent product quality, Hongdian H8922 4G GPS Router won the informatization transformation project of fire department in the Netherlands.  For the first phase of project, there are already 300 fire trucks completing the vehicular mobile communication transformation.  It realizes centralized scheduling, greatly improves the command ability of fire department and efficiency of police. Hongdian will continue to help all fire trucks improve vehicular communication system in Netherlands.


Hongdian H8922 4G GPS Router, which is especially developed for moving vehicle-mounted environment, combines such technologies as 4G communication, signal optimization, GPS positioning, shockproof, making data transmission and vehicle positioning combined perfectly. When system is running, the fire command center can know the distribution of all fire fighting vehicles very well through the GPS information provided by Hongdian Router.  After receiving fire alarm, the fire command center dispatches the nearest fire vehicles quickly rushed to the scene, at the same time, fire vehicles capture the images and send them back to command center via 4G router, then command center can remotely supervise, control and arrange emergency rescue.


This project improves the efficiency of fire forces greatly on supervision, firefighting and force management in the Netherlands, promotes the development of digitized and networked, systematized fire department. It provides good information service and guarantee for fire forces, and further enhances their public image and prestige.

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