Dynamic monitoring system for logistics vehicles

The development of logistics industry promotes the fast commodity circulation and social development. In China, some problems exist in the management of freight vehicles, such as ineffective management of freight workers, running inefficiency, inefficient communication between freight vehicles, management centers and freight stations, uneasy accountability chasing while cargo missing, difficult evidence collection after traffic accidents and low level of informatization management. In 2014, Ministry of Transport issued GAT 1201-2014 Standards on Evidence Collection with Satellite Positioning Technology concerning Unlawful Practice of Road Transport Safety and Regulations on Supervision and Management of the Dynamic State of Road Transport Vehicles. They both definitely require that logistics freight vehicles must install satellite positioning devices and dynamic supervision devices in order to ensure the powerful supervision and punishment on driving against traffic regulations and illegal running.

ShenZhen Hongdian Technologies Co., Ltd put out the dynamic monitoring system for logistics vehicles, which can effectively improve the running ability of logistics enterprises, increase the utilization ratio of storage places and reduce the oil consumption of freight vehicles. The system can also monitor and ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles and cargoes and provide value-added services to logistics enterprises and customers including letting them know the precise location of logistics vehicles, cargo delivery date and real-time vehicle condition very well so that the customers can really rest assured.


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