Helping to Realize the Internet Application to Charging Points

With the popularization of electric vehicles, the need to build charging points is becoming more and more urgent. Based on data, Hongdian use 3G/4G communication channel to build business systems rapidly and make plans for the wireless communication application to medium-sized charging points with a large scale.



Hongdian DTU provides rapid and easy network access and unvarnished data transmission for medium-sized charging points, which realizes online monitoring and collecting of operating data of charging points. Meanwhile, they provide plenty of online applications. Hongdian’s wireless routers which cover full band frequencies also build high-speed, safe and stable networking and data transmission channels for large-scale charging points. 3G/4G channels can take richer valued-added application service.

Building remote management system for charging points at the data base can realize real-time monitoring on charging points. Building operating business systems for charging points can provide services like location search, charging reminder and settlement of charging points. WiFi operating management platform can provide more resources and put advertisements more accurately. For example, vehicle owners are able to surf the Internet with WiFi for free and enjoy local stored videos and news in the FreeWiFi system when it is installed around charging points. Meanwhile, the owners are also able to enjoy special O2O2 services such as advertisement push, coupon downloading, online shopping and life information around.


Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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