Bangladesh Seminar: Hongdian Corporation Takes Leadership Role in Showcasing IoT solutions

Dhaka , Bangladesh, Jan. 23, 2018--- Hongdian corporation , a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and solutions, today highlighted its participation at Bangladesh Seminar taking place in Dhaka, on January 23, 2018.


During event, Hongdian representatives Mr Shi and Mr Wey Lee hosted a series of ongoing presentations and demonstrations featuring the full breadth of Hongdian M2M and IoT products powering Smart Cities and other infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. At the presentation, Mr Shi said “Hongdian Smart Solutions address maintaining product quality and safety while lowering costs and achieving overarching goals of higher customer satisfaction.”





This seminar attracked guests from various industries including Banks (Government -owned & private) , Private luxury transportation, aotomobiles companies etc.


During the open discussion, a lot of guests showed the great interest in Hongdian Smart IoT Solution, we were impressed by a guest from bank, he said : “connected devices are giving us a huge amount of information , we can create new knowledge and improve the operational effiency by analysing the data.”



Indeed, IoT solution can help the country efficiently maintain key infrastructure, manage traffic properly and boost economic growth.although Bangladesh has only 5 telecom operators, together, they have almost complete network coverage of the country. 3G connectivity is also widely available with 4G connectivity set to make its debut very soon. Thus, people in even the most remote parts of the country have access to basic telecommunications which can be used to support the IoT. With the government support, We are sure the Bangladesh will embrace the “internet of things” era very soon. We are expecting more projects cooperation at Bangladesh in the future.


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