Hongdian Wireless connectivity solution for Chain Petrol Station

With the rapid development of Internet, people life is becoming closer with Internet, Internet not only brings much convenience to people life, but also covers variety industries, like self-service vending machine, mobile info terminal etc., for petrol station, traditional petrol station management mode has a bad effect on work time and work efficiency, like cash payment, manual fuel dispensation, background fuel supply, safety on duty etc., which costs much labor and brings complex management, so for changing the situation, petrol station management mode has entered Internet Age, with the advantage of 3G/4G network, every fuel dispenser is attached to Internet via wireless VPN gateway 3G/4G network, which will upload the status to the center every interval, meantime considering petrol station safety, IP camera is also integrated with fuel dispenser, which will pass back the live video to the center real-time, thus manager can know about every petro station every fuel dispenser status remotely, centrally.

  Recently, with Internet Age coming, South Africa chain petrol station networking has started, Hongdian provides the wireless connectivity solution for South Africa biggest petrol station company (ENGEN), with 20 years wireless 3G/4G VPN gateway advantages, Hongdian advanced wireless 3G/4G VPN solution contributes to ENGEN petrol station IT construction successfully, achieved that every petrol station built up the connection with the center for high efficiency and good intercommunity, meantime made a big progress for company IT level and competitive strength.

  To achieve petrol station networking for remote management and control, it is an important step for ENGEN IT construction, there exists many complex troubles on it: (1) Some petrol station location is secluded, not allow cable networking. (2) Some petrol station surroundings do not have near cellular station, cellular signal is not good. (3) Some petrol station exists unstable power supply, high temperature. (4) Petrol station distributes widely, some places are safe area, some places are unsafe area. etc. (5) How to keep data transport stability and privacy etc.

   Above all, these troubles are the focus of consideration before construction, in order to solve these troubles, Hongdian brings 3G/4G wireless transport+VPN+IP camera solution based on H8922, H8922 is an industrial leading wireless VPN product, 4 LAN+1 WAN can not only provide full interfaces, but also provides cable access, 3G/4G high speed network access can keep data transport smoothly. For some places cellular signal not good, H8922 takes high gain antenna and applies dual simcard+dual modem backup principle, if ISPA simcard connection down, ISPB simcard will take over it to make sure link always alive, even it can support wireless/cable link backup. Considering data transport security, H8922 provides full VPN types, like IPSec, EzVPN, OpenVPN, DMVPN etc., which takes industrial leading authentication and encryption mode to keep data transport privacy. For some petrol station is in the unsafe area.

   We not only keep staff safety, but also property safety, so we deploy IP camera attached to H8922 in the fuel dispenser, IP camera live video transports back to the central real-time via VPN tunnel. In South Africa summer, temperature is hot, in regard to high temperature, H8922 takes anti high temperature industrial material and design, which can keep CPU important component run normally. Due to petrol station distributes widely, how to remote maintenance and control needs to be solved, based on full PaaS experience, Hongdian published developed Wedora IoT Cloud management platform deployed in the petrol station network management center, we can get a clear view of every petrol station every gateway status (like network type, signal strength, data flow, network delay etc.) remotely and centrally, OTA update, IP Packet analysis, report export etc., not need any person on-site maintenance.

  With Internet providing, fuel dispenser has electronic payment service, driver does not need to pay cash, instead they can use fuel card to finish payment, which greatly brings more convenience to consumer and creates more benefit to petrol station. Manager can monitor every petrol station every fuel dispenser status remotely, it provides easy maintenance to manager, has a clear view of sales trends, fuel storage, future fuel plan etc., greatly increases work efficiency, company profit, saves labor cost. Hongdian wireless connectivity solution also provides 7*24 live video, manager can know about the event clearly in case of any accident, mostly keeps people and property security.


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