Hongdian Showcased A10 4G/ LoRa RTU at SVIAZ ICT2018

  Sviaz / Expo is the first and biggest exhibition in the Russian telecommunications and IT. The exhibition cover topics like: Communications. Technology, equipment, solutions and services,Mobile payments,Data networks Internet based technology and services,Telecommunications and network infrastructure,Data Centers (DC),etc.

   At the exhibition, 321 companies from 18 countries showcase state-of-the-art equipment and developments on the total area exceeding 7,000 sq m. Russia is represented by 158 exhibitors.


   Hongdian products are very popular in Russia for its stability under the extreme cold conditons, In order to expand the Russia market, Hongdian attended this event and exhibited its industry-leading solutions. What’s more , Hongdian showcased its entirely new product 4G/LoRa RTU featuring compact design, dual serial ports and flexible configuration at Booth No 21B70.


Hongdian Products Category:

1.Cellular Router & Modem that allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) quickly and easily integrate cellular connectivity into their designs

2.Media Wi-Fi Router and Mobile DVR that provide a safety and enjoyful environment for passengers during public transportantion

3.Wedora Cloud platform 1000K devices manageable, Easy to operate & manage

4.Industrial android computer that widely used in smart services ,Android OS fully optimised, excellent stability

5.NB-IoT, Lora Modem/Gateway features low power consumption & low cost & long- distance transmission.

6,4G/LoRa RTU supports global 4G network, dual serial ports and compact design.   


The three-day exhibition provided an excellent networking opportunity for the visitors to learn more about Hongdian, our sales manages and technical manager demonstrated the IoT solution for the customers , many customers showed the great interest and expressed the cooperation intend.


 Sviaz / Expo is a good platform for Hongdian to deely know the Russia’s IoT Market,The Event lasts 3 days, not only had we brought back a lot of new customers, but also we received many useful advice from our old customers. According to the report, Russia Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to reach USD 74.0 Billion by 2023, it is a very promising market in the future, Hongdian will engage itself to providing more fast and effective IoT solution and bring the wireless connectivity in Russia IoT market.


For IoT solution conact and query in Russia, pls mail to sales@hongdian.com, we will reply you within 1 business day. 

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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