Hongdian unveiled the H9380P IoT + AI intelligent industrial computer

Hondian new product H9380P release conference was successfully held in Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall on 25th February 2019, the conference was co-sponsored by Hongdian and Ruixinwei. New products IoT+AI intelligent industrial computer H9380p were solemnly released at the conference. On the spot, both sides signed strategic cooperation agreements. Hongdian, Ruixinwei, China Telecom, Asia-Pacific Smart Vending Association, Shenzhen joie ubique Intelligence Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Communication Society attended the meeting.

After months of product research and customer demand analysis, thousands of product quality, hardware and software testing. Hongdian unveiled the intelligent industrial android computer H9380P based on the integration of IOT Technology and AI technology, Providing facial brushing payment, machine vision application hardware support, with edge computing and voice interaction capabilities, it features following highlights:

1. Support AI Face Recognition Payment and Adaptable 3D Dynamic Vision Scheme
With AI artificial intelligence motherboard, it supports large data operation and face recognition algorithm. It has the hardware advantages of 20ms millisecond delay, 90Hz refresh rate and super 3D processing ability. It can realize face detection, extraction and comparison offline, support the development of various AI application scenarios, and provide strong hardware support for 3D dynamic vision schemes.

2. CPU/GPU Revolutionary Breakthrough: More Efficient and Intelligent Processing Ability
With RK3399 six-core chip, dual Cortex-A72 large core and four Cortex-A53 small core structure, super floating-point computing capability, Anan Rabbit runs up to 70,000 points, supports more graphics and computing interfaces, and has revolutionary improvement in overall performance, power consumption and core area.

3. Accurate image recognition based on multi-image millisecond acquisition and processing
The self-developed multi-camera simultaneous working algorithm can support five USB cameras to take photos at the same time. Customer business APP can develop and call multi-cameras at zero. The speed of image acquisition and processing at millisecond level can achieve five photos in a row.

4.Super Audio, Video and Image Processing Ability
High-definition decoding and image enhancement technology, extreme color, synchronous playback, rich game engine and 3D image processing capabilities, can run large-scale games or business applications APP, to meet the operational requirements of various high-performance games.

5. Commercial product solutions satisfy scenario application requirements
In addition to providing hardware product solutions for face recognition and image recognition, Hongdian has created a new retail solution for Internet of Things. H9380P intelligent industrial computer supports the deployment of Hongdian equipment management cloud platform. It can provide customized development services for intelligent retail operation platform according to customer needs, and provide intelligent, standardized and integrated hardware solutions, which can be applied in intelligent retail operation platform. Can vending machines, intelligent express cabinets, man-machine interactive large game terminals, unmanned clearing desks, interactive advertising machines and other self-service terminals.

With the accelerated upgrading of AI technology and Internet of Things technology, the development of new retail is full of infinite possibilities. Hongdian will rely on the stability and security networking capabilities accumulated over 20 years to cover hundreds of application practices in eight major industries. Based on cloud and edge computing technology, we will work hand in hand with Ruixinwei to innovate the new model with data + application as the core to provide multi-scenarios for customers in the new retail industry. Efficient and rapid customization of delivery services, open up new opportunities in the retail market.

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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