New ! Hongdian fleet safety management solutions

The critical problems in feet management

In today's world it is all about convenience,the movement of goods reaching customers has increased more than the customers actually reaching the goods. And because of this the requirement for drivers and vehicles trying to fulfill this void has increased, which means more trucks on the road, more requirement of drivers and delivery agents. Every day fleet managers are facing a range of different issues such as fleet maintenance costs, monitoring driver behavior, vehicle routes are not optimized, operations are taking too long.,etc.



Based on these requirements , Hongdian provides a smart management solution for the fleet, Taxi & Uber operation company. It features with the functions of live video,dual 1080p,ultra wide angle front 140°and rear 120°,gps tracking fleet trace & locating history,sensor hub,wifi connection ,panic button,easy installation,simple platform. which can monitor and ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles and cargoes and provide value-added services  including letting them know the precise location of logistics vehicles, cargo delivery date and real-time vehicle condition very well, and also effectively improve the operation ability , increase the utilization ratio of storage places and reduce the oil consumption of freight vehicles.

How it works?

1. Captures video and data when your fleet works

2. Send video and data to platform via 3G/4G network

3. Analyze to turn video and data into insights you can use

4. Improve driver safety, elevate customer satisfaction, and boost operational efficiency based on the insights



Featured benefit

Improve Driver Performance

The safer and more skilled your drivers and technicians are, the better your business performs. Continuously developing safe and productive driving behaviors in your fleet helps reduce collision frequency, maximize fleet efficiency, and turn good drivers into great drivers you can keep for the long haul.

Reduce Risk Of Fleet Management  

Keep your brand and company safe with insights that help you reduce risk, improve compliance, and exonerate innocent drivers, get real-time* access to fleet status to help you respond faster, minimize phone time, reduce callbacks, and optimize fleet productivity.

Optimize Vehicle scheduling improve transportation efficiency

Maximize driver and vehicle performance to increase efficiency and service, optimize productivity, and get the most value possible from your fleet.



Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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