Hongdian H3900 Smart Video Recorder ----Your Fleet Security Guard

With the rapid development of logistics industry and online haling service such as Uber, OLA,etc,  the scientific management of the vehicles becomes more and more important, especially the driver and vehicle safety management. Problems like driver fatigue driving, distracted driving and driver abnormal behavior; rear end collision accident prone, the vehicle can not accurately positioning and scheduling, driving safety; driver and vehicle insurance costs and so on, a lot of fleet safety management problems. 


Hongdian H3900 is an intelligent video recorder designed for fleet management, it adopts advanced hardware technologies and software technologies such as video analysis, image processing, bare disk storage, hard disk shockproof, intelligent cloud upgrade, etc., providing video capture, remote transmission, storage control, data processing, and central management software. with dual 1080P cameras front and rear and 4G connectivity, GPS, G-sensor, it gathers and analyse all-around driving data Including video, event, alarm and provide continuous monitoring for the fleets.




Live Video H.265 Codec Technology, Image Quality Improved by 50%!

In the best coding model, H.265 can save about 36% of the storage data of H.264 compressed 1080P surveillance video while maintaining the same PSNR, and able to save 50% of the storage data further when the image quality equals.


Wi-Fi Direct Connection, local video live view

Using iScan APP connects to the recorder Wi-Fi, previews the live stream, and reviews the history and download without data consumption. All operations can be completed on the mobile phone without connecting the card to the computer to extract the video.


 One-click alarm in case of emergency

When an emergency occurs, the driver/passenger presses the alarm button to report to the management center immediately and gets help in time.


Dual 1080P cameras

Front and rear camera, both support 1080P, high quality CMOS make it clear even at night.External 4.0 Megapixel camera can clearly capture the scene outside the car, restore the truth, enable the traffic police on-site responsibility and rapid handling of accidents.  the internal 2.0 Megapixel camera could clearly capture the drivers and passengers in front and back of the vehicle, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.


Ultra wide angle

Front 140°and rear 120°ultra wide angle, covering three lanes, easy to cover three lanes, see more, find more, protect more


Remote Management & Vehicle Monitoring

The operating unit and the supervision unit can remotely perform real-time video monitoring, two-way voice intercom, timing or timely capture of pictures, real-time GPS location and track query display, real-time alarm information management, remote video playback and download.


Easy installation-3M stick and done





Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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