Hongdian IoT+AI solution for smart vending boosts customers’ experience

Smart vending market is booming

In the busy and fast-paced world, vending machines and kiosks give people more freedom to get what they need. Whether grabbing snacks or beverage from vending machines or accessing information via kiosks, it’s all about convenience. However, you might face the trouble of location deployment limitation for wire network infrastructure. What’s worse, it costs lots of money and time for sending staff out on the road to check if vending machines are out of stock and dealing with those out-of-service kiosks. So smart vending machine with real-time date on functionality, warehousing, sales and much more is increasingly required. According to the Acumen Research and Consulting, the smart vending machines market size worth USD34.3 Billion.



Brief introduction Of Hongdian IoT+ AI solution for smart vending


Vending machine is embedded with Hongdian Android IPC H9380), communicating with Business Data Center in encrypted channel. H9380P acts as the control center in vending machine, providing business logic control and data interaction. The vending machine has multiple interface , compatible with a variety of screen and other peripherals, can be easily applied to various outdoor environment. Whats more, With AI artificial intelligence motherboard, the vending machine supports large data operation and face recognition algorithm with 20ms millisecond delay, 90Hz refresh rate and super 3D processing ability, realizing face detection, extraction and comparison offline.


Featured benefits of Hongdian IoT+ AI solution for smart vending


  • 100% secure and stable 4G/3G wireless networking guarantee
  • Smart control System enables fast deployment on various actual scenarios
  • The display control, cellular modem, content storage, edge computing ability, your own APPs, all in the
  • industrial android computer, one unit installed and start to work.
  • Industry-leading AI Face recognition ensures the secure payment
  • The Could-based technology, Visual report & form make simple management
  • Monitor, control, maintain the distributed device, Centralized management platform could rapidly check real-time data on functionality, warehousing, sales and much more
  • Provide custom development service of retail business platform
  • Open API for third-party platform to fit your various business needs





Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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