Hongdian AI industrial PC H9380P backup for smart vending


With the maturity of the unmanned technology such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the concept of unmanned retail has been booming, and a large number of capital and enterprises have flocked to it. As an important application of unmanned technology, smart vending machines are increasingly popular in recent years with the face-scanned payment.




Face Scan Payment Is Booming

Face recognition technology is widely used for smart vending Because of its convenience, fast, safe and wide application advantages, Face recognition technology is based on human facial features, for input face images or video streams. Firstly, whether there is a face or not is judged. If there is a face, the location, size of each face and the location information of each major facial organ are given. Based on these information, we further extract the identity features contained in each face, and compare them with known faces, so as to recognize the identity of each face.


Hongdian AI Industrial PC Breaks through the Barrier of Face-scanned Payment to Realize Interconnection


As a pioneer in the Internet of Things and M2M market, based on 20+ years of wireless communication experience, integrates the latest network, cloud computing, big data, AI, edge computing, model algorithm and other technologies. After months of product research and customer demand analysis, thousands of product quality, hardware and software testing and polishing improvements, and carefully polishes the integration of a basic IOT technology and AI technology. Hongdian released the AI intelligent industrial computer H9380P, which provides hardware support such as face scan payment and machine vision application, the ability of edge calculation and voice interaction. It has the following main highlights:



(1) Face-scanned Payment supported and 3D Dynamic Vision Scheme adaptable

Using RK3399 six-core chip, double Cortex-A72 large core, four Cortex-A53 small core structure, super floating-point computing capability, Anan Rabbit runs a test of more than 70,000 points, supports large data operation, face recognition algorithm, has hardware advantages of 20ms millisecond delay, 90Hz refresh rate, super 3D processing ability, and can realize face detection, extraction, comparison offline, carrying multi-light source face recognition. Other technology, multi-camera vision recognition technology, running naked-eye 3D applications, supporting the development of a variety of AI application scenarios


(2) Accurate image recognition based on multi-image millisecond acquisition and processing

The self-developed multi-camera simultaneous working algorithm can support five USB cameras to take photos at the same time. Customer business APP can develop and call multi-cameras at zero. The speed of image acquisition and processing at millisecond level can achieve five photos in a row.


(3) Cloud-manage based technology provides strong backup for 3D dynamic vision scheme.

Hongdian AI intelligent industrial computer adapts to various vending machine peripheral interfaces, provides a variety of protocol docking, supports access to the mainstream 3D camera manufacturers on the market; relying on 20 years of wireless communication technology accumulation and product experience, Hongdian AI intelligent industrial computer uses disconnection detection offline automatic connection technology to ensure stable interconnection of equipment, and supports intelligent dialing. It realizes automatic and fast dialing of 3G/4G, APN self-adapting dialing, self-detection and self-maintenance of 3G/4G network links, supports independent dialing process guarding and dialing optimization, guarantees high-speed and stable real-time communication, and solves the problems of slow down of network speed, frequent disconnection of traffic and unstable running speed of double cards.


(4) The overall commercial solution meets the needs of various scenario application

Hongdian not only has a professional research and development team of Internet of Things products technology, but also has a strong understanding of the application scenario, creating a new retail solution of the Internet of Things that is self-contained and has been verified by the market. At present, AI intelligent industrial computer is mainly used in intelligent vending machines, intelligent express cabinets, human-computer interactive large-scale game terminals, unmanned clearing desks, sensory interactive advertising machines and other self-service terminals.


In the era of rapid development, a variety of abundant applications have emerged. Technological complexes such as Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are penetrating into all walks of life at an unprecedented speed. Behind the technological upgrade, corresponding hardware and software upgrades are needed, and new Internet of Things thinking is needed to integrate new Internet of Things products and technologies. Hongdian will accumulate stability and security . Relying on the ability of full network, based on cloud and edge computing technology, the new model innovation with data + application as the core helps to deploy all kinds of 3D dynamic visual scene applications efficiently and quickly.

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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