Hongdian became the first 5G partner of China’s Top Three carriers


Nowadays, the information technology revolution characterized by digitalization, networking and intellectualization is booming. The integration and development of new generation information technology and traditional fields has become a general trend. Among them, 5G communication technology is one of the biggest outlets of the future information technology revolution. With the continuous advancement of research and development of 5G related technology and infrastructure construction in China, when 5G will be popular has become a topic of public concern.


As the pioneer of M2M market and technology driver of Internet of Things industry, Hongdian has formally signed a contract to become the first 5G innovative application partner of China mobile, china telecom and china unicom.



( Picture 1: the cooperation agreement signing ceremony between China mobile and Hongdian)


( Picture 2: the cooperation agreement signing ceremony between China telecom and Hongdian )


( Picture 3: the cooperation agreement signing ceremony between China unicom and Hongdian)



The Internet of Things has developed in China for nearly ten years. In the past 20 years, Hongdian has invested heavily in the design, R&D, production, sales and integration of service innovation for IoT mobile data communication systems. Data collection, transmission, and big data analysis Based on the core business of the one-stop IoT, the equipment is online, data online, and service onlin and connected over 10+ million devices for 30,000 worldwide.


In terms of smart transportation, Hongdian focuses on the Internet of Things and commercial vehicle networking.Hongdian is one of the first providers of intelligent integrated vehicle integrated monitoring solutions and core terminal products and software platforms in China. It has in-depth research and integration of 3G/4G/5G NR. Emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, ADAS, intelligent video analysis, and fatigue driving monitoring, with rich video analysis, image processing, bare disk storage, hard disk shockproof, intelligent cloud upgrade and other hardware technologies and software technologies to provide video capture, Key products in all aspects of remote transmission, storage control, data processing, and central management software. Hongdian provides vehicle video surveillance terminals, vehicle driving recorders, Beidou/GPS for customers worldwide, including bus, bus, taxi, school bus, logistics, dangerous goods transport vehicles, sanitation vehicles and special vehicles. Positioning terminal, active safety defense & fatigue driving monitoring terminal, iScan car network management platform and other products and professional overall solutions and technical services.


In terms of industrial Internet of Things, Hongdian has independently developed software and hardware products and systems. With abundant partner resources, in-deep technical research and top expert teams, Hongdian provides Internet of Things, cloud platform and large for hundreds of well-known manufacturing companies. Integrated industrial Internet of Things solutions such as data and artificial intelligence break the pain points and difficulties in the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing enterprises, helping enterprises to achieve manufacturing reform and digital value enhancement. Hongdian goes deep into the actual application scenarios of smart manufacturing , providing industrial-grade data transmission unit (DTU), embedded data acquisition module, industrial-grade router, intelligent industrial computer and industrial intelligent interface (edge computing capability), iThings industrial IoT server platform. A series of data acquisition and networking IoT products, to solve the problems of manufacturing enterprises to provide equipment access, protocol conversion, edge data processing, operation and maintenance, etc., to provide a network of thousands of traditional mechanical equipment gaps and intelligent equipment transformation market Multi-network technology, reliable, and mature IoT data collection global products and solutions.

5G technology will accelarate the transformation of the industry. With the innovative IoT products, mature program capabilities and application accumulation in the Internet of Things and intelligent applications, Hongdian will join hands with China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom and industrial chain enterprises to promote the real “Internet of Everything” in the 5G era and build a new ecosystem of Internet of Things.


Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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