New ! Hongdian IoT Solution For Smart Mini-Library brings lots of convenience to citizens



What is smart library ?

A library fitted with smart librarytechnology is able to open to library user without being staffed, it enables remote control of the building of library including the automatic door, lighting, self-service kiosk and public computers. This allow us to significantly extend the library opening hours and so more people can use the library at the times that is convenient to them.



Hongdian IoT Solutions For Smart Mini-Library

Hongdian jointly with customer has launched  smart Mini-libraries Internet of Things based on Internet of Things technology and big data technology. The network data of the library management system can be real-time interconnected through the intelligent Mini-library and the reader can borrow and return books, self-help query, network reservation, precise push notification of borrowing information, self-help book retrieval and borrowing can be achieved. Historical  reading data statistics and other functions are integrated. The huge library is decomposed into small Mini-libraries, which can be deployed conveniently and truly "bring the library to the readers" so that the library is no longer "remote".

The Project of  Smart Mini-library consists of four parts: unmanned bookcase, Hongdian intelligent industrial PC, cloud platform and APP. The Hongdian  H9380A Intelligent Industrial Computer is connected to the peripherals such as man-machine interactive display screen, RFID card reader, touch screen, bookcase electronic lock, camera, payment o-dimensional wharf and so on. The information of book borrowing, payment and equipment running status is uploaded to the operation platform of intelligent Mini-library, APP and  Hongdian Wedora cloud platform in real time. Operating enterprises can carry out business analysis and operation remotely, manage bookcases, reserve books, and set up terminals. The unmanned bookcase can be placed indoors or outdoors and no longer be confined to fixed indoor places such as schools and libraries.

The Valued Benefits

  • Guarantee high speed and stable wireless networking connectivity, wireless/wired backup, Flex to deploy
  • Multiple interfaces supportable and one button for intelligent control
  • Dual Screens independently for business operation and Ad pushed
  • Android system optimized deeply, compatible for various APP
  • Remote centralized and unified management of devices and automatic fault diagnosis.



Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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