Hongdian unveiled industrial 5G IoT gateway at E-surfing smart ecosystem expov


Expo brief introduction:

China Telecom and Qualcomm jointly organized the "E-surfing smart ecosystem expo" in Guangzhou Canton Fair Pavilion grandly opened on September 19th. With the theme of "Hello 5G Enabling the Future", the Expo aims to make use of the development of 5G to further promote network intelligence, business ecology and operation wisdom, to create 5G intelligent ecology, and to give new connotations to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.



( The entrance of E-surfing smart ecosystem expo)


The four pavilions of "Dawan District City Pavilion", "5G Eco-Pavilion", "China Telecom Capability Pavilion" and "5G Innovation Pavilion" fully present the future life of 5G with science and technology and intelligence. As a pioneer in the domestic Internet of Things market, a pioneer in M2M field and an important partner in China Telecom Ecosphere, Hongdian was invited to exhibit in 5G Ecosphere Hall, which attracted a large number of professionals from the circle to visit and exchange.


Hongdian showcased the new 5G industrial IoT gateway

As a pioneer in the domestic Internet of Things market and leader in M2M field, Hongdian has devoted 22 years to promoting the development and application innovation of the Internet of Things industry. Based on the accumulated global customer resources of 30,000+core industries, Hongdian has implemented nearly 10 million+wireless connection scale covering industries, commercial retail, water conservancy, vehicle-mounted, urban public utilities and other fields. Subdivide application scenarios. Hongdian takes "advantages of communication terminal industry chain precipitated for many years" as a whole, takes "5G+IoT+AI technology integration as the core advantage" and "enlarging commercial retail, industrial internet, new business market layout of smart city" as two wings, and builds end-to-end product system with coverage, edge, end, cloud and use as one to promote AI edge intelligence. Control Gateway, High Precision Sensor, Industry Intelligent Application Terminal, Internet of Things PAAS/SAAS Cloud Platform and other products innovation and application, and provide customized solutions and services for specific industries, to achieve business extension from connecting services, promote the development of industry intelligence.


Hongdian booth attacked many people to inquiry.



When 5G is applied to industry, it will greatly change the way enterprises make decisions, manufacture products and operate factories. Industrial 5G makes it possible to produce, maintain and logistics a comprehensive wireless network. Higher data rate, reliable, powerful broadband transmission and ultra-low latency will greatly improve the efficiency and flexibility of industrial value creation.

Hongdian has been focusing on the field of industrial Internet of Things for many years. While continually pursuing long-term and sustainable communication solutions, Hongdian has also devoted itself to the research of industrial 5G, and launched a new 5G + industrial Internet product, the 5G NR industrial intelligent gateway of Hongdian. Hongdian 5G NR Industrial Intelligent Gateway uses 5G network to provide long-distance and large data transmission for users. It has abundant peripheral interfaces. It can be widely used in many complex application scenarios such as CNC machine tools, industrial robots, unmanned vehicles, fire protection, factory site, etc.


Hongdian Newest 5G Industrial IoT Gateway


The 5G era has begun. Hongdian will continue to promote the integration and innovation of 5G technology, new network, cloud computing, AI, edge computing, machine learning, and so on. With the overall development strategy of "Sense + Edge + End + Cloud + Application", Hongdian will bring into play the advantages of intelligent communication and industry applications, and work with China Telecom and Industry chain partners to promote 5G.+ Intelligent development of Internet of things.


Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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