Hongdian 5G CPE new product launch

On December 19, 2019, 5G Global Conference and Internet of things and smart future exhibition opened in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. The conference gathered domestic and international leading enterprises in the field of information and communication, including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Tower, Hong Kong HKT, PCCW, Japan NTT, Singapore Singapore, Japan KDDI, Huawei, ZTE, Hongdian, etc.
Hongdian takes the lead in launching 5G CPE products
As the pioneer of IoT industry in China, the leader of IoT gateway market segment and the continuous promoter of IOT industry application innovation practice, director unit of Shenzhen communication society, Hongdian was invited to participate in the exhibition. With the theme of "5G + AIOT integration, cohesion and empowerment", Hongdian made a significant debut with 5G CPE new products and 5G industry solutions, attracting many professionals in the circle to visit and exchange.
Before 5G was announced for commercial use, Hongdian had done a good job in 5G related product research, customer demand analysis and marketing, and launched 5G CPE terminal with high performance, high speed, high reliability and low delay.
Advantage 1: strong WiFi coverage
Support the new generation 802.11ac WAVE2 and dual band 2 × 2 MU-MIMO. The megaphone 5G CPE with 4-core high-performance CPU supports not only 802.11ac WAVE2 and MU-MIMO, but also multiple link backups. The measured maximum throughput of 5.8G is 650mbps, and the maximum throughput of 2.4G is 300mbps; the transmission power is 21dBm, and the WiFi coverage capacity is 200m, which can effectively meet the indoor and outdoor scene coverage.
Advantage 2: high stability
The 5G CPE of Hongdian adopts the full industrial level hardware platform, which has powerful data processing and computing capabilities, supports local data storage and analysis decision-making, open system design, supports secondary development and third-party SDK embedding, which can facilitate local storage of audio and video, operation data, etc.; at the same time, it supports simultaneous access of wired, WLAN, 5G multi network, multi network backup and switching to ensure network stability Fixed connection.
Advantage 3: multiple installation methods
Hongdian 5G CPE supports ceiling mounted installation, which can give full play to the advantages of WiFi signal, and is compatible with pole mounted installation, which can be flexibly installed in different scenes such as outdoor road lamp pole, overpass, trunk, etc.
Advantage 4: high protection level
The industrial shell waterproof design is adopted, and the protection level is up to IP66. It can adapt to indoor and outdoor industrial sites, and ensure the safety and reliability of connection points.
At present, the 5G CPE of Hongdian is opened to the application scenarios such as intelligent factory, intelligent medical treatment, Internet of vehicles, artificial intelligence and smart city, and the test appointment registration is in progress.
Zuo Shaozhou, chairman of Hongdian, delivered a keynote speech
At the 5G global conference, Mr. Zuo, vice president of Shenzhen communication society and chairman of Hongdian Co., Ltd., delivered the keynote speech "5G industry application and landing exploration". As an expert with nearly 30 years of experience in the communication and Internet of things industry, Mr. Zuo has objectively and profoundly analyzed various technical attributes of 5G and different scenarios of different industries for 5G high-speed. He analyzed the opportunity and landing thinking of 5G technology in the typical industries such as power Internet of things, emergency management and so on. Mr. Zuo affirmed that 5G will not only change life, but also change the imagination of the society, and believes that this vision is advancing rapidly.
5G era has been opened, and the interconnection of all things is in progress. Hongdian will continue to promote the integration and innovation of 5G technology, other new networks, cloud computing, AI, edge computing and other technologies, take the overall development strategy of "sense + edge + end + cloud + application", give full play to the advantages of intelligent communication and industry application, and work with industry chain partners to promote the intelligent development of 5G + Internet of things.

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