Hongdian became member of Ericsson Industry 4.0 partnership program

As a market leader in IoT wireless gateway manufacturers and M2M solution providers, Hongdian has been building an intelligent manufacturing environment for the future for 23 years. Recently Hongdian officially joined Ericsson Industry 4.0 partneship program. The partnership program of Ericsson is to accelerate the transformation of IoT 4.0, providing industrial manufacturers with industrial cellular networks, together with partners of wireless gateways and other integrated industrial IoT solutions such as cloud platforms, big data, artificial intelligence, and more. Help thousands of well-known manufacturing companies overcome the difficulties of upgrading existing facilities and assets, reform the manufacturing industry, and enhance digital value.
Hongdian improves the way manufacturers connect their connected devices
Industry 4.0 uses highly automated, intelligent, and collaborative network physics systems that require a very stable, low-latency wireless connection. Ericsson is providing  industiral cellular network for vertical environments together with mobile network operators. The industrial network solution enables high equipment density, predictable latency, and reliable coverage throughout the plant or warehouse. With the industrial network solution from Ericsson, manufacturers will be able to take full control of machines, processes, and data with 4G and open a clearer path for 5G.
Hongdian has been deep into the industrial field for many years, accumulated a lot of technical and practical experience, can provide 4G/5G gateway data acquisition, equipment network, edge computing, cloud operation and maintenance functions.
At present, Hongdian industrial intelligent IoT gateway is mainly used for CNC machine tools, automaticed guided vehicles, industrial robots as the representative of the factory site real-time monitoring of on-site equipment, as well as fire facilities and factory video surveillance as the representative of the factory maintenance.
Hongdian create a clear path for manufacturers to run on the 5G highway
Hongdian believes that 5G technology in the field of industrial IoT has a huge market. Therefore, Hongdian is also the first manufacturer in the region to launch 5G Industrial Gateway/CPE, which can be widely used in smart factories, telemedicine, Internet cars, smart cities and so on.
Accepted as member of Ericsson Industry 4.0 partnership program,Hongdian will continue to work  to provide high-reliability connectivity, low latency, and edge computing capabilities to help manufacturers migrate from 4G wireless connections to 5G.
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Founded in 1997, Hongdian is a leading provider of IoT/M2M connectivity products and solutions, supplying wireless cellular routers ,modems, cloud platform and turn-key solutions for industries, with its business network covering more than 100 countries globally. Hongdian's solutions are widely deployed in multiple segments, including industrial automation, , finance, commercial networking, transportation, medical treatment, electricity management, flooding alarm and management, meteorology, energy, environmental protection, vehicle security, et.
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