Hongdian’s 5G CPE for Smart Vehicles‘ Contactless Distribution

With the explosion and application of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI, etc., various robots and smart devices are entering the traditional industry, pushing the industry to change dramatically while affecting our lives.As one of the typical representatives of automated and intelligent development, the unmanned logistics robot (also known as the self-driving logistics unmanned vehicle) integrates a variety of functions, emphasizes fast, efficient and smooth operation, and perfectly meets the needs of modern economic operation.

Robots for unmanned logistics are developing rapidly, realizing a variety of applications 

The unmanned logistics has made a big difference in this epidemic by contactless delivery, for example, the use of unmanned vehicles to transport masks, disinfectant, catering and other materials.Such robots can serve multiple functions,including delivery, reminder, temperature measurement and etc. To reduce the workload of medical and defense staff,while ensuring safety and convenience, unmanned vehicles have the advantages of round-the-clock delivery and weatherproof, lessening manpower and reducing the risk of infection. Unmanned vehicles are mainly divided into the following types:

Unmanned Delivery Vehicle
It can recognize and avoid obstacles to identify red lights, including plenty functions like driving automatically, route planning, active lane changing, parking space recognition, autonomous parking, etc.
Users achieve quick meal pickup and parcel delivery through facial recognition, passwords input, QR codes scan and etc., mainly on behalf of people like domestic used by many top Chinese corporations, like Jingdong,Baidu and Ali. 
Smart AGV Unmanned Logistics Vehicle
It is mainly used in manufacturing logistics and warehousing logistics, for the handling and movement of goods, realizing the automatic distribution of electronic materials in warehouses by means of AGVs, which automatically deliver materials from warehouses to the point of discharge from the production line according to production instructions, improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs and reducing labor intensity.
Hongdian’s 5G unmanned logistics truck interconnection solution helps smart logistics innovation and upgrade
Being a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) wireless communication products and industry intelligent solutions provider, Hongdian has continuously invested in IoT technology innovation and key core products research and development over the past 23 years, and has deeply recognized that an important step to realize intelligent and unmanned logistics vehicles is to first achieve interconnection and intercommunication, establishing data channels between front-end devices and management platforms to form a complete industrial Internet system.
Based on above, HTC has developed a 5G unmanned logistics truck interconnection solution, which integrates IoT, big data, AI and 5G technologies and carries the independently developed 5G CPE/industrial gateway to provide a highly reliable network environment with low network latency and network diversity for the entire management network, realizing the digitalization of all elements and effective integration of network slicing technology, cloud computing technology and image recognition technology. Currently, the solution has been successfully applied in commercial service robots and industrial robotics projects in manufacturing and logistics.
Solution Advantages:
5G is secure, reliable and real-time networking for low latency, high reliability and high rates of autopilot
The unmanned vehicle can sense the surrounding environment, analyze road conditions, actively avoid obstacles, and automatically complete logistics transportation and material allocation by dispatching, in which the unmanned logistics vehicle connectivity solution provided by HTC plays a key role of connectivity.
Providing stable, high qualified, low latency 5G network connectivity through Hongdian 5G CPE/Industrial Gateway, the terminal collects data such as GPS positioning, vehicle status, parts status, operation status of unmanned vehicles in real time and transmits it back to the cloud through the 5G network for comprehensive diagnosis of vehicle status and its surroundings.
5G remote video surveillance, distribution and transportation visualization
Unmanned vehicles often need high-bandwidth transmission as a basis for generating a large amount of video services in the workplace.Hongdian 5G CPE/industrial gateway can be connected to the trolley surveillance camera, through 5G to upload the analysis and high-definition video of the scene, which can achieve real-time remote visual monitoring. At the same time, 5G's high bandwidth and low latency can bring real-time face recognition and image recognition, providing second-level analysis and early warning of anomalies and other conditions.
5G Wireless + 5G Edge Computing + Cloud Platform to Ensure Device Connectivity
"5G wireless + 5G edge computing + cloud platform" networking mode, 5G network connects sensors, processors, etc. of unmanned vehicles, so that logistics vehicles can communicate with each other and realize more functions and complex work; point-to-point communication of devices, supporting access to Hongdian Wedora cloud management platform, horizontal multi-unmanned vehicle cooperation, and vertical supply chain interconnection.
The cloud platform can be deployed to client servers for some users' private network environment requirements. Based on the big data accumulated during operation, the cloud system can make predictions, statistics and analysis on route congestion, peak operation and delivery time, and the cloud backend can realize database sharing, centralized management and deployment of unoccupied vehicles, which can maximize the operational efficiency of unoccupied vehicle capacity and reduce labor maintenance costs.
As the scope of 5G applications continues expanding, massive data will be implanted in massive terminals of logistics operations, the sudden increase in demand for concurrent Internet access at multiple terminals and the strict control of power consumption will greatly test the performance and connectivity of IoT communication devices, Hongdian Corporation will support the IoT wireless communication technology, based on AI, cloud and edge computing technologies, to help intelligent logistics innovation and intelligent upgrading.

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