Hongdian's 5G Smart Coal Mine Converged Network Solution Helps Transform and Upgrade the Coal Industry

In February 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau and other eight departments jointly issued the "Guidance on Accelerating the Intelligent Development of Coal Mines", which clarified the direction of the intelligent development of China's coal industry and sounded the trumpet for the intelligent construction of China's coal mines. in September 2020, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the National Energy Administration and the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau in In September 2020, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the National Energy Administration and the National Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau organized a national coal mine intelligence construction site promotion meeting in Shandong to accelerate the integration of new generation information technology and coal development and utilization.


5G, as the current generation of popular information technology, fits the demand for intelligent development of coal mines, providing a new solution to the problem of good communication above and below the coal mines, and injecting new impetus and vitality into the construction of intelligent coal mines in China.





On December 11, the 5G+ Coal Mine Intelligence Summit Forum, hosted by China CoalIndustry Association, China Coal Institute and Huawei, was held in Shenzhen to exchange views on advancing industry consensus and the deployment and application of 5G in mines, with representatives from coal producers, technology providers, communication operators and communication equipment companies attending the forum.


As a market pioneer and leader in the domestic IoT and M2M industry, Hongdian was invited to attend this forum and showcased Hongdian's 5G industrial gateway and smart coal mine convergence networking solution, which attracted the audience to inquire.



As a traditional energy industry with many links, long battle lines, complex production systems and difficult management, the coal mining industry needs new technologies to accelerate intelligence and solve industry pain points. 5G has huge advantages in peak rate, mobility and network capacity. Based on 5G high-speed network, Hongdian provides 5G smart mine solutions based on 5G industrial gateway networking around two scenarios: underground and open pit, which effectively It can be widely used for network coverage, high-definition video monitoring, intelligent analysis, data collection, VR HD live broadcast and other scenarios to promote 5G+ smart mine scale, unmanned and information construction.





Coal mining industry application requirements.


Long underground tunnels, complex paths and difficulties in laying cables for underground network transmission.


WiFi signals are often missing, manual monitoring is costly and inefficient, 4G cannot meet the high bandwidth and low latency requirements of HD video surveillance, and a high quality and reliable network is needed to achieve seamless coverage and real time transmission of coal mine equipment data and video data.


The need for remote control and unmanned management is urgent for the long hours of manual work in the open pit, the low efficiency of transport, the high safety risks and the difficulty of real-time control.


Among all industrial application scenarios, coal mines are the most complex, with harsh mine site environments and high requirements for equipment operating environments, such as dust and humidity prevention.


Some of the data from the mine is confidential and needs to be kept out of the park.

 Hongdian 5G Smart Coal Mine Converged Network Solution


For the underground scenario, access to Hongdian 5G industrial gateway, through the gateway to provide 5G private network deployment, real-time transmission of underground mining equipment, ventilation, transportation and other data to the operation and maintenance centre, so as to achieve real-time monitoring of underground production environment, real-time return of underground automation equipment and information technology data, improve the communication conditions of underground workers, and ensure safe and reliable data return.


In response to the open-air scenario on the shaft and the low efficiency of mining truck transportation, the trucks are unmanned and transformed. Hongdian's 5G industrial gateway accesses HD cameras, LIDAR, control terminals and other equipment, and transmits HD video data and truck transportation data to the operation and maintenance backend in real time through a dedicated 5G network, providing remote operators with a panoramic HD operational view and effectively reducing the incidence of safety accidents in dangerous operating areas.



In the face of the harsh environment of mines and mines, the Hongdian 5G industrial gateway can operate stably in high temperature and humid environments. It adopts full industrial grade chips, communication modules and electronic devices, supports power protection, wide temperature and voltage, dust and water resistance, strong electromagnetic interference, sturdy aluminum shell, fanless heat dissipation, can withstand various extreme climates and temperatures, fearless of voltage fluctuations, high electromagnetic radiation, humid dust invasion and other harsh conditions, the product After a long time stability test cumulative running time of 10,000 hours, high temperature and high humidity severe environment test more than 1000 hours, CPU high occupancy special test 7 * 24h no drop no dead, high flow pressure test 7 * 24h, repeated power up and down more than 5000 times, to ensure that the equipment in a stable operation under pressure environment.


The construction of intelligent mine mainly focuses on two aspects: one is the professional technology of mining, excavation, machine, transportation and communication in coal mine itself, and the other is the empowerment of new generation information technology represented by industrial internet, AI, big data, robot and so on. Hongdian will continue to bring into play its technical and application advantages in the field of IoT wireless communication, and from the characteristics of industry applications, join hands with industrial chain enterprises to actively promote the application of 5G+coal mining+digging+inspection+information, helping the coal mining industry to produce safely, operate unmanned and intelligently, and reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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