Hongdian 5G gateways first obtain Huawei OpenLab certification

On October 16, the 2020 5G Industry Terminal Ecological Summit hosted by Huawei was successfully held in Beijing. The conference brought together 200+ industry terminal partners including China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Midea Group, Quectel, and Hongdian. The conference focused on releasing the first batch of Huawei OpenLab-certified terminal manufacturers, and the industrys latest 5G industry terminals and application solutions were displayed at the conference.



At the meeting, as one of only two representatives of 5G IoT industrial communication terminal manufacturers, Hao Guangming, president of Huawei operator BG Marketing and Solution Sales Department, issued the first batch of 5GtoB OpenLab test certification certificates on site.






At the conference site, Hongdian demonstrated 5G CPE, industrial IoT gateways, vehicle gateways, 5G industrial routers and other different forms of 5G terminals, attracting on-site audiences to come to inquire about product features and applications. At present, Hongdian 5G product series have been Hundreds of pilot projects have been launched in application scenarios such as smart factories, Internet of Vehicles, smart cities, and telemedicine diagnosis and treatment to fully meet the needs of vertical industry networking coverage, edge computing, protocol analysis, video uplink, and AI+ video surveillance.




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