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Hollywood shooting data networking project

solve the live shooting data transmission problems and provide a free WiFi Internet environment for the scene by using Hongdian H8922 industrial wireless router.

Brazilian self-service gas station networking project

the collected fuel data is uploaded to the control center to achieve self-help payment through the H8922 powerful WiFi + IPsec + dual card + firewall + multi-lun port device function.

Turkey chain stores network project

Chain stores transmit the data of various scattered stores and inventory data to the headquarter in real time through the 3G wireless router, and accept sales tasks and sales plans from headquarter in real time .

the power remote meter reading system project in Latin American

Hongdian 3G router instead of manual meter reading, the data safely transmitted to the power bureau data center through the VPN encryption data.

Brazilian police law enforcement vehicle video surveillance project

install the Hongdian mobile DVR surveillance system to monitor environment and behaviors near law enforcement vehicle and realize the real-time transmission to the command center through the network

Medical equipment network monitoring project

YAPEI medical equipments connect the network through Hongdian wireless devices, realizes remote monitoring equipment, remote fault diagnosis and processing, saves manual maintenance costs.

GE automatic washing machine networking project

Through Hongdian wireless communication terminal, self-service washing machines are connected with internet. Timely guarantee the same step of self-service washing machine and the center of the data transmission , reduce the cost of manual maintenance.

Dutch fire truck wireless networking communication project

Center masters the distribution of fire vehicles through Hongdian 4G & GPRS routers, dispatches the nearest fire trucks and return back the disaster scene pictures, realizes remote monitoring, command and rescue arrangements

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