There are a lot of news and events about the Internet of Things.

Hongdian H8922 VPN 4G Router Swagger toward Hollywood

As the rapid development of communication technology, M2M routers are beginning to playing a more and more important role not even in daily life, but also in the Hollywood blockbuster 3D MAX shooting scene, which requires a very high speed and reliable data transmission. More

Hongdian and Telecom operator CAT’s workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

From September 11th to 12th 2010, Hongdian and its agents and Telecom operator CAT of Thailand together held a workshop, the theme is " how to change the people live with CDMA wireless data terminal applications and integration solutions", CAT CDMA Business division that including marketing and technical team,nearly 30 people attending the meeting. More

Congratulations to Hongdian Corporation receives Computer System Integration Qualification Three-levels

February 21th, 2011, through the rigorous examination and evaluation by the Ministry of Industry and the Software Testing Center, Hongdian Coporation passed the Computer Information System Integration Qualification Certification III of Information Industry Ministry (Certificate No.: Z3440320110100). More

On the strength of 3G WiFi billing terminal business, France telecom(Orange) won the AfricaCom Award -Best New Service Award in 2011

On Nov.9th, 2011, annual awards ceremony of African Communication Award (AfricaCom Award) was held ceremoniously in Cape Town, South Africa. More

HSPA + technology into the mainstream, Chinese manufacturers stunning international market

The global communications markets develop rapidly; LTE and HSPA+ are the leads. Hongdian launched the first router to support HSPA +, and its superior performance to win the favour of international clients. More

Hongdian’s First Hackathon

Hongdian Corporation launched first-wave Hackathon, namely programmers’ joint programming contest on 15th June, 2012 with great passion and vision. 8 teams each formed by 5 engineers from Shenzhen R&D Center and Wuhan Research Institute joined this 24-hour competition, during which each team is intended to fulfill product definition, design and achievements display. More

Accelerate global deployment of LTE to take the initiative

With today’s rapid development and constantly updated application of mobile internet, LTE becomes the hottest star in the field of wireless communications especially as the demand for high-speed bandwidth keeps rising by global market. In the year 2011, the worldwide operators accelerate deployment of LTE, leading the irresistible momentum of its development. More

HONGDIAN Recruitment Drives at Campus

As the forerunner of M2M and Internet of Things industry,As the practitioner of innovative technology,We have reason to believe you will be exposed and enriched by the professional experience and staff training. More

Hongdian H8922 3G/4G Router Passes ROHS & CE

Since the foundation, Hongdian have been attaching great importance on the international market, especially European market. Now Hongdian products and solutions have been sold to all European countries. More

Hongdian Ranks EP TOP50

On Oct.17th 2012, the selection result of EP TOP50 initiated by MG "Modern Grid" and MP International Power Industry was announced in Lake Malaren Shanghai International Convention Center 2012. Hongdian Corporation won the title of “2012 power industry innovative enterprise top 50” living up to everyone’s expectations. More

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