There are a lot of news and events about the Internet of Things.

Accelerate global deployment of LTE to take the initiative

With today’s rapid development and constantly updated application of mobile internet, LTE becomes the hottest star in the field of wireless communications especially as the demand for high-speed bandwidth keeps rising by global market. In the year 2011, the worldwide operators accelerate deployment of LTE, leading the irresistible momentum of its development. More

HONGDIAN Recruitment Drives at Campus

As the forerunner of M2M and Internet of Things industry,As the practitioner of innovative technology,We have reason to believe you will be exposed and enriched by the professional experience and staff training. More

Hongdian H8922 3G/4G Router Passes ROHS & CE

Since the foundation, Hongdian have been attaching great importance on the international market, especially European market. Now Hongdian products and solutions have been sold to all European countries. More

Hongdian Ranks EP TOP50

On Oct.17th 2012, the selection result of EP TOP50 initiated by MG "Modern Grid" and MP International Power Industry was announced in Lake Malaren Shanghai International Convention Center 2012. Hongdian Corporation won the title of “2012 power industry innovative enterprise top 50” living up to everyone’s expectations. More

Headquarters Removal Notice

The location change might influence goods production and delivery from Oct. 28 to Nov. 5. However, Please be rest assured that we would exert our utmost efforts to minimize the effects. More

Robbery in South Africa recorded by Hongdian MDVR

In recent years, domestic violent crime in South Africa continue to rise, the crime is equivalent to five times of the world average. Accompanied by South Africa's foreign economic development, the government of South Africa has been strengthened construction and investment in the public security system, especially in the transportation security, started a large-scale project of supervision of transport vehicles with real-time monitoring system in large quantities, purchased from Hongdian . More

Hongdian 3G MDVR, good helper to Brazil police

In recent years, Brazil's worsening security situation, especially in law enforcement are common occurrences of police violence in Brazil, the number of casualties reached 11,197 people from 2009 to 2013 because of the violence of law enforcement , how to eradicate violence from law enforcement has become an urgent need to local government and police. More

Nigeria POS Wireless Networking Solution

Hongdian H8922 dual SIM wireless router finally get the project in Nigeria for M2M business. Hongdian product was welcomed by the cooperative company with its high stable performance. More

Hongdian Taxi Intelligent Dispatching Management System

As a well performed product, Hongdian Mobile DVR has been widely used in all kinds of applications. Taxi intelligent dispatching management system, is one of the important applications. More

Urban Public Transport Vehicle Wireless Monitoring Scheduling System

As a well performed product, Hongdian Mobile DVR has been widely used in all kinds of applications. Urban public transport vehicle wireless monitoring scheduling system, is one of the important applications. More

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