Hongdian Mobile DVR H3504

Hongdian Mobile DVR H3504

Hongdian Mobile DVR H3504 is a functional Mobile Digital Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. It has a high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combining with the most advanced H.264 video compression / decompression technology, network, as well as GPS positioning technology. MDVR H3504 enables real time remote monitoring and simultaneous video recording of the in-vehicle space. It supports a state-of-the-art hardware H.264 video encoder, which is the most popular video compression technology; as well as provides high video quality with much smaller files, saving bandwidth and storage costs.
 It supports not only video recording in 720P, 960H, D1, HD1 and CIF formats, but also vehicle travel information recording and wireless data upload.It is powerful with modular design, flexible installation, easy maintenance and high reliability. It can provide best surveillance system for public bus, school bus, taxi, coach, and truck.

Compatibility of standard analog camera and AHD camera

Supports up to 4 channels 720P AHD real time video recording

Built-in GUI for quick operating with WEB by remote control

Adopts Hongdian unique fileless system storage solution, to keep the data integrated and safe

Supports power-off protection. Continue to work 10s during power off abnormally to make sure video data safe without losing.

Delay poweroff (within 6 hours), power-on-off as scheduled

Hongdian Mobile DVR H3526 is superior and function-extensive MDVR model specially designed for vehicle surveillance and remote monitoring, combined with high-speed processor and embedded operating system. The advanced H.264 video compression and decompression, network technology and location technology make H3526 to realize video record, vehicle driving information record and wireless data upload. Combine with central software, it could help to central monitor, remote management and driving data analysis.

Hongdian iScan system can bright your mind and give you much surprise. We are the market leader of fleet management and vehicle tracking management, can suit all commercial vehicles.

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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