H8922 Industrial Dual SIMS Cellular Router

H8922 Industrial Dual SIMS Cellular Router

The H8922 4G industrial router is based on 3G/4G wireless network and adopts a high-performance 32-bit embedded operating system with full industrial design. It supports wired and wireless network backup, and its high reliability and convenient networking make it suitable for large-scale distributed industrial applications. Such as smart lockers, charging piles, bank ATM machines, tower monitoring, electricity, water conservancy, environmental protection.

Data security, Multiple VPN supports

L2TP/PPTP/GRE/IPSec/OpenVPN, suitable for various networking and high-security requirements  Scenarios


Hardware and software watchdog, link detection make it self-recovery from unexpected failure and guarantee reliable communication.

Dual-mode & Dual card support wired / wireless mutual backup

• Support dual 3G/4G/4G+ all over the world

• Support wired network and auto backup

• 4x10 / 100Mb LAN port

Support APN / VPDN private network access

Support IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, GRE etc multiple protocols Virtual Private Network access

Online & Offline detection, real-time monitoring of traffic

• Support regular management, effective control of Internet traffic and duration

• Support data- triggered online

• Patent technology to keep link alive, LCP &ICMP & interface traffic & heartbeat detections etc

Remote management / maintenance / upgrade help enterprises reduce operational costs

• Supports local, remote platform firmware / patch upgrades

• Supports parameter backup &import, and private key import/export configuration parameters

• Supports Hongdian self-developed function of multiparameter & multifunctioal combination switching, multi-servers switch flexibly and fast.

• Supports local log and remote log pushed for real-time monitoring

Scaled & centralized management based on M2M cloud platform

Failure warning

Improve the online rate of remote areas


Secure your application data

Traffic control

Monitor data consumption and lower operational cost

SIM card management

Promote scale management ability

Remote managementt

maintenance, update, improve your business real-time

Statistics report

Insight into business state and graphical display

Wide voltage & electromagnetic compatibility design

• Passed EMC four-level electromagnetic compatibility test

• Wide power input (DC5-36V)

Industrial design, 7*24h stable operation

• industrial high-performance 32-bit communications processor wireless module

• Metal enclosure , protection class IP30, security isolation of enclosure and system, especially suitable for industrial applications

High performance processor

High-grade protection


  • 3G/4G/5G-ready
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • GPS (optional)
  • HongdianOS+SDK
  • Dual SIM/WAN/WLAN link backup
  • SNMP/7×24 connectivity, watchdog
  • Supports cold backup,warm backup and load balancing
  • Management and maintenance via Web/CLI/Wedora

Cash Register Smart Network

In modern commercial, cash register has been used in many shops and super markets, which plays an important necessary role in common life. For developed countries, POS system coverage rate has reached 70%-80%, it benefits cash efficiency, product safety, precision marketing etc.

Gaming & Lottery

Lottery service is very common service nowadays. However, traditional network solution for lottery machine is based on cable connection like ADSL or fiber, which has lot of disadvantage and become to be obstruct to the development of this market. Cable connection deployment is difficult to deploy in different environment, no backup system, goes over public internet with risk to lottery data.


The Manufacturing Automation is based on the application of the iot technology, combined with the advanced manufacturing technology of the future, and form a new intelligent manufacturing system and use the environmental awareness of all kinds of terminal, mobile communications and other technology to industrial production of each link, increase efficiency of the manufacturing and improve product quality




Product Name



Network Type


Supported bands depends on the module

Front panel interfaces

2*SIM slot (1.8V/3.0v)

9*LED indicators

Rear panel interface

3*Antenna interfaces (SMA-K)

1*Reset button

1*WAN interface (10/100Mbps adaptive)

4*LAN interface (10/100Mbps adaptive)

1*DC power socket

1*Ground screw

Power supply

Operating Voltage

(+5V ~ +36V DC)

Power consumption


During Idle

Approx. 200mA@12V DC

During Working

Approx. 400mA@12V DC



Approx. 540g

Size (without power connector and bracket)



Operating temperature

-30°C ~ +75°C

Storage temperature

-40°C ~ +85°C

Relative humidity

≤ 95°C (non-condensing)

Note: The power consumption of the communication is affected by the network signal strength and the module network standard.


H8922-EU Europe/International FDD:B1/3/5/7/8/20/28   
H8922-SA Southeast Asia FDD:B1/3/5/7/8/20
H8922-AU Australia FDD:B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/28
H8922-NA1 AT&T/North America FDD:B2/4/12
H8922-NA2 Verzion/AT&T/Sprint/T-mobile/North America FDD:B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/20/25/26/29/30


  • H8922_v40 4G_Router_Specification_2020V1.0
  • H8922 Industrial Dual SIM Router Brochure

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