A10G LoRa Gateway

A10G LoRa Gateway

A10G is a module based on LPWAN long-distance wireless communication , low power consumption, high sensitivity, strong anti-jamming etc, supports LORAWAN standard protocols, serial port data passthrough two-way communication and long battery standby function.

Deploy your own private network

Support ultra-long distance transmission and LORAWAN transmission

Deploy your own private network

Support 20,000 Lora node access, suitable for large number of access applications

Support LPWAN standard protocol

Fully Bi-directional System

Secured End-to-end

Easy deployment

Built-in Mobility

Network Scalability

Standard Protocol

Providing OEM services

tailor the solution to the customer application scenario



1.Support The Large Capacity Lora Node Access above 20,000

2.High-Speed Stable 3G/4G Link, Flexible Full Network Modes Auto Switch, Support APN/VPDN Network

3.Embedded Watchdog, Auto Failover Recovery

4.Support MQTT and Hongdian Cloud Platform Remote Monitoring and Maintena

Sensitivity -149dBm(18bps)
Range 3km urban
15km rural
Data Rate 300bps~100kbps
Frequency 410~525MHz
RX/TX current consumption -
Standby current -
Interface LTE WAN
Network type star
Power Supply 12V
Enclosure Metal


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