A10L LoRa module

A10L LoRa module

A10L is a module based on LPWAN long-distance wireless communication , low power consumption, high sensitivity, strong anti-jamming etc, supports LORAWAN standard protocols, serial port data passthrough two-way communication and long battery standby function.

Deploy your own private network

Support ultra-long distance transmission and LORAWAN transmission

Deploy your own private network

Support 20,000 Lora node access, suitable for large number of access applications

Support LPWAN standard protocol

Fully Bi-directional System

Secured End-to-end

Easy deployment

Built-in Mobility

Network Scalability

Standard Protocol

Providing OEM services

tailor the solution to the customer application scenario


1. Ultra-Low Power Consumption, Multi-Stage Sleep Mode Consumption <0.4uA

2. Industrial Leading Long Distance Transmission (Practical Trial Distance >11.5KM), Excellent Anti-Interference, Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity

3. Flexible Networking, Low Cost Without Communication Traffic

4. Full Interface Types Access Different Terminals Easily

5. High Stable Secure Data Transmission in the Lora Private Network

6. Easy Embedded Deployment

Sensitivity -149dBm(18bps)
Range 3km urban
15km rural
Data Rate 300bps~100kbps
Frequency EU 868MHz/US 915MHz/AS 430MHz/EU 433MHz
RX/TX current consumption 50mA@20dBm
Standby current 约0.4uA
Interface UART*2,9600bps
Network type star
Localization 20m
Power Supply 3.0~3.6VDC
Enclosure Metal


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