Mobile DVR

Hongdian’s MDVR(Mobile Digital Video Recorders) integrate vehicle MDVR, vehicle GPS terminal and traveling data recorder three functions in one .supports 8 channels of 720P AHD (Analog High Definition) videos, supports vehicle multimedia Wi-Fi (such as local movies, music, news, games and other services), meets customer’s demand of high-definition video.


Professional anti-vibration design (the hard disk adopts high-damping anti-vibration materials) Power-off protection (make sure video data safe without losing) Single-spindle design (meet with the needs of before and after markets) Mass storage (could record the video more than half a year)

Hongdian Mobile DVR H3504

Hongdian Mobile DVR H3504 is a functional Mobile Digital Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. It has a high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combining with

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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