Public Wi-Fi

Hongdian Public Wi-Fi Solution consists of  Wi-Fi router (Model: H9303) with built-in Solid State Disk(SSD) and Cloud Management Software Platform.  As a Wi-Fi hotspot, routers will be installed in public transport such as city bus, coaches, tourist bus, etc and  some public places with wide Wi-Fi coverage range. After connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot, not only can users surf internet via 3G/4G, but also they can enjoy local movies, music, news and other info stored in the local SSD, bringing a good sense of experience.

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H9303 Media  Wi-Fi Router

H9303 Media Wi-Fi Router

Rich network access scheme, supports WiFi free access, high concurrency, supports 20-80 people surfing the Internet at the same time, a variety of content storage and update program, supports advertising pushing and simple architecture, easy to deploy.

Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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