5G+ Smart Factory Solutions

5G+ Smart Factory Solutions

Smart factory refers to strengthen information management and enhance services by big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, and then formulating and arranging reasonable and effective production plans and strategies.It is a key carrier of intelligent manufacturing, which needs to do some predictive maintenance or predict the energy consumption of machines, etc. In the production process of large enterprises, it often involves cross-factory and cross-region equipment maintenance, long distance source localization and other scenarios.


Meanwhile, Smart factories need to collect and transmit more and more data. During the intelligent transformation of existing factories, it is necessary to connect network of the equipment in the factory such as controllers, sensors, and actuators. However, the existing productive environment is complex and there are many mobile devices, which means that the cost of re-laying and reconstruction of the wired network deployment is high. Therefore, it is very hard to the construct and then meet the demand. Current Wi-Fi and 4G wireless network are unable to meet industry productive requirment on high bandwidth, low latency and large number of connections.


Smart factories are considered to be one of the most important application scenarios of 5G technology. Seamlessly connecting all production equipment and further connecting design, purchasing, warehousing, logistics and other links closely to meet the needs of equipment interconnection and remote interactions in industrial environments by 5G network. Hongdian proposed the 5G + smart factory solution to meet the needs of factory intelligent upgrade. The solution connects factory equipment through the Hongdian 5G industrial gateway to provide high-performance, high-speed, high-reliability, and low-latency 5G networks for device connections, realizing real-time transmission of factory site data to the back-end operation and maintenance management platform; building a comprehensive information system centering on people and machines inside and outside the factory; Completing comprehensive upgrades of factory maintenance, allocation of productive resources and personalized production.





Large-scale equipment, centralized local deployment, abundant interfaces and protocols


As the area is relatively closed and more focusing on data security and localization, the demand involves remote control and core production data collection, etc.; hence, Hongdian 5G industrial gateway supports 5G wireless network deployment and cooperates with well-known base station manufacturers and operators in domestic and overseas. 5G private network has been successfully applied in many factories across the country.


Abundant interfaces and protocols let Hongdian gateway work well under harsh industrial environment. In terms of challenging by connecting with diverse industrial equipment, different interfaces and complex scenarios, Hongdian 5G industrial gateway adopts high industrial standard design. It not only supports wide temperature and pressure but also has external waterproof sleeve to ensure interface waterproof. Moreover, the resistance to strong electromagnetic interference has been confirmed by high reliability test. It also supports various industrial protocols such as modbus and CNC, effectively accessing to PLC, industrial sensors, controllers and other equipment, and being compatible with multiple RJ45 Gigabyte Ethernet ports, RS232 / RS485 / USB / WiFi, etc. 


5G helps to realize remote activation of AGV car intelligent control system


In the intelligent logistics unmanned vehicle system, Hongdian 5G industrial gateway equipment is applied and the hardware is designed with industrial-grade vehicle standards to meet the requirement of unmanned vehicles in a closed environment. Specifically, Using 5G networking to support mobile, unicom, telecommunications and other network data transmission while reaching specific private network communication requirements to meet customer expectations on high real-time wireless communication network and low-latency data transmission. In order to ensure data security, 5G equipment uses built-in CA encryption authentication algorithm, and is compatible with industrial protocols and custom protocol development. Combining with the cloud management platform function of Hongdian, 5G industrial gateway equipment can view the actual operation of 5G equipment in real time, implement remote upgrades, data configuration and other functions for online equipment, view the operation status of the equipment, and export it for record.


5G NR + Edge Computing + Cloud Platform, Horizontal and Vertical Cooperation and Interconnection of Factories


"5G NR + edge computing + cloud platform" networking mode, The 5G network connects sensors and processors on the production site, so that the robots can communicate with each other to achieve more functions and complex tasks; point-to-point communication of devices are able to access to Hongdian Wedora cloud management platform, connecting with multi-factory collaboration horizontally and supply chain interconnection vertically. Regarding to factory's private network environment, in order to ensure that the data does not leave the factory, so the cloud platform can be deployed on the client server to achieve centralized management, monitoring and maintenance of factory terminal equipment.

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