5G+Smart Medical Solution

5G+Smart Medical Solution

Medical problems are getting worse in poor countries, especially some underdeveloped areas where the distribution of resources are uneven. Compared to developed areas, people who live in poverty areas are lacking of necessary medical conditions. To be more specific, basic medical institutions do not have sufficient equipment to support and treat patients, which results in difficult hospital registration and high consultation fee. For instance, payment methods are old-fashioned and temporary items must be rearranged as the devices are disconnected. Even though, villagers might not get reimbursement for hospitalization in county, they still decide to go there. Besides, medical institutions must report adverse reactions to superior but sometimes they would not report because of negative affect to their reputations. Apparently, current monitor system cannot fully cover all medication. However, upgraded 5G communication technology greatly meets the demands of real-time medical system , such as the requirement of high efficiency and stability.


Based on real-time image, voice, video and other technologies, 5G can implement the function of doctor's remote diagnoses, consultations, operations and others effectively. Hongdian's 5G + smart medical solution builds a stable and reliable 5G network for medical treatment, helping remote consultation and mobile medical care.





System functions


5G network implements medical data collection and transmission


Real-time transmission of medical equipment monitoring information, real-time vehicle positioning information, and video images inside and outside the vehicle through the 5G network provided by Hongdian 5G Industrial Gateway / CPE, which is not only convenient for remote consultation and guidance but also highly efficient for collection, process, storage, and transmits of pre-hospital emergency information.


Based on big data technology, not only is the value of medical information data fully exploited and utilized but also it is applied to support, comment and serve emergency management and decision-making.


The data upload to the cloud platform can provide safe and reliable medical data transmission, realize the sharing of information resources and system interconnection, and provide strong technical support for pre-hospital emergency and smart medical treatment.


5G technology remote real-time video consultation 


The 5G intelligent first aid information system includes several parts, such as a smart first aid cloud platform, a car first aid management system, a remote first aid consultation guidance system, and a first aid auxiliary system. Once Hongdian 5G Industrial Gateway / CPE connects to the above systems, 5G ultra-high uplink can be stably used to transmit live emergency rescue videos to the emergency cloud platform in real time.


Moreover, based on HD video and AR / MR guidance, implementing real-time transmission of high-definition audio, video and hypermedia medical records, realizing emergency maps and large-screen announcements, and completing remote real-time video consultation

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