Branch Office Smart Network

Branch Office Smart Network

In modern global company, many branches are located in many countries, one branch office often needs to communicate with another branch office or head office every day, it is very important branch office communication, which affects company normal operation and work efficiency, meantime company data information is not allowed to open, which also need to be protected and encrypted and make sure company data is secure.

Based on this scenario that branch office communication is more and more important, Hongdian takes one industrial advanced VPN router solution, it takes flexible and full VPN solutions, PPTP/L2TP, IPSec, EzVPN, OpenVPN, DMVPN etc., meantime loads high performance CPU, high speed 3G/4G module, improve VPN data transmission ability, Hongdian private designed VPN link backup function can keep VPN data transmission stability mostly for 24 hours, flexible and scalable networking topology, Hub/Spoke, Site to Site, Site to Multiple Sites etc., it can satisfy most branch networking environment, even can run VPN over RIP/OSPF/BGP dynamic routing protocols. What’s more, Hongdian VPN can support different encryptions, aes128, aes192, aes256, sha2_256, IKE2 etc., strictly keep company data transmission safety. So Hongdian VPN router is your best choice for branch office communication requirements.

Hongdian 3G/4G bus system smart network benefits:

1. Industrial product quality, high speed 3G/4G network link, flexible VPN solutions and link redundancy(Wan/Modem) can ensure branch office data most security and stability, extremely keep commercial property safety.

2. More powerful CPU, Memory, WiFi hardware can provide large bandwidth, large throughput, large concurrencies, which can keep branch office data real time smoothly.

3. Excellent compability with Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Mikrotik, Fortigate VPN server etc., extendable Radius authentication, SNMP v3, it is easy to integrate with company monitor tool.

Improve remote maintenance ability, Hongdian IoT management platform can support 20000 routers level maintenance, which can monitor, configure, update all the routers remotely, meantime embedded GIS Google map, which can view every router location, not need any on-site maintenance, reduce maintenance cost greatly and keep network 

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