Bus WiFi

Bus WiFi

In recent years, with the rapid increase in the number of intelligent mobile , more and more demands for the Internet in our daily life are required during the travel time. Based on this, Hongdian corporation has successfully developed the overall bus wifi solution integrating the Media Wi-Fi router with the bus free wifi system. From taxis, minibuses and buses through to the largest touring coaches.Hongdian’s bus WiFi technology provides full-featured and powerful WiFi connectivity for any size passenger vehicles and brings great experience for the passengers.

Hongdian Offline Storage 3G/4G BUSWiFi Solution consists of high performance 3G/4G Wi-Fi router (Model: H9303) with built-in Solid State Disk(SSD) and Cloud Management

Software Platform (Name: BUSWiFi)”. As a Wi-Fi hotspot, H9303 3G/4G Wi-Fi routers will be installed in public transport such as city buses, coaches, tourist bus, subways, trains and some public places such as cafe, restaurant, station, terminal building and other places with wide Wi-Fi

coverage range. After connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot, not only can users surf internet via 3G/4G, but also they can enjoy local movies, music, news and other info stored in the local SSD.

  With zero data cost, system operator can provide offline internet service to user and dramatically improve customers satisfaction and loyalty. Meanwhile, based on the intelligent analysis and processing of “Cloud management software platform (BUSWiFi)”, system operator can push advertisement to different user group precisely according to analysis of Location Based Service(LBS), user characteristics and surfing time period.

 The solution creates a totally new mobile Internet channel and business mode to bus transportation companies, AD agencies, mobile operators, advertisers, surrounding merchants through a public Wi-Fi hotspot.


Wi-Fi users

Enjoy rich internet and offline programs, which makes time become more exciting.

Vehicle transport unit

Increase ridership and customer a rac on/loyalty by providing additional network

services to passengers.

AD agencies

Seize the mobile Internet B2C interfaces to gain business opportunities.


Push targeted advertisement with higher efficiency and more profit.

Mobile operators

Increase 3G/4G data network coverage and ultilization, achieve business appreciation.


Build mobile internet smart city, improve the city's image and citizen satisfication.

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