Commercial & Industrial metering

Commercial & Industrial metering

Connect your Commercial or Industrial meter to Cellular modem by RS232/485 or ethernet port, Hongdian device offers a simple way to connect multiple meters online for remote monitoring and data collection purposes.

Remote sites occasionally located in the areas which with limited Internet access, making it difficult to set up a land line for communication purpose. Not only it cost much a landline connection for each site, and also the period would be long. Hongdian offers a cost-effective, reliable solution to monitor and manage remote sites via cellular network, like LTE or EMTC/NB-IOT. That can establish a connection between customers’ office to remote site easily.

Metering Engineers and Hongdian value the performance, security and reliability, by producing connectivity solutions for meter data management and delivering meter data throughout a utility and turning it into valuable knowledge.

1,Collect meter data real-time or timing to saving power
By setting the interval of collect, meter data upload to platform real-time or every 10 misn, all by your choice.

2,Replace Vulnerable Land Line
Embedded cellular module made it possible to work everywhere and easily to install, no matter if there is a land line

3,Secure your data
Built in VPN function made your data delivered secure reliable.

4,Remote Maintenance

Hongdian cloud platform make it possible to initial a remote maintenance in your office any time, by cloud platform you can reach your meter like it is by your side.

5,Low power & High speed mode
there are EMTC or NB-IOT modem to provide a low power & long battery life, and also Cat.3 modem to provide high speed connectiong.

6Flexible and Programmable modem

Program your own demand and response interval in hongdian cellular modem, make it flexabile for varies meters. 

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