Distribution Automation

Distribution Automation

With the advent of power networking era,the distribution network of the power application has evolved from passive response to dynamic balancing of supply and demand at all voltage levels through control and monitoring.The traditional centralized and one-way grid structure are unable to meet the needs of the new business. In the future, it will need an intelligent network system which is interconnected, interactive, controllable, safe and reliable. Distribution network is the key link of power distribution and power demand feedback, and it has higher requirements for communication network reliability, time delay and maintainability. For M2M communications in the Internet of things, Hongdian focuses on power networking applications, relying on cellular technology to provide end to end distribution automation solutions for power customers.

The Hongdian distribution network automation system is made up of advanced sensors, meters, Hongdian 4G DTU, digital control and integrated analysis software, allows the distribution enterprises to monitor, coordinate and operate distribution equipment in a remote manner. The DTU can automatically connect data service center via cellular network after power on, to maintain the link connection between the power equipment and data service center.

1. High stability and reliability

Hongdian DTU has passed through the harsh electromagnetic compatibility testing,and with efficient wireless communication, the product enhances power quality and power supply reliability

2. High compatibility, support for multiple protocols

The product support communication protocols of the power industry and the transformation of communication protocols.

3. Various configuration modes, convenient for on-site debugging

The product support multiple configuration modes, including SMS configuring , serial port configuring, remote configuring, platform configuring and etc, which is convenient  to manage the installed equipment.

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