Express Box

Express Box

With the development of electronic commerce, express delivery industry has entered the boom, because of the Internet of things and M2M technology in modern logistics industry, the application of intelligent express box as the end of the electronic commerce logistics the last one kilometer the most effective solution is widely recognized and promotion, gradually implement the artificial collecting goods into the form of automation, send and receive express packages automatic and remote query and control.Hongdian corporationwith 3 g / 4 g industrial-grade routers and M2M cloud management platform for industry customers provide intelligent express box one-stop solution, completely solve the "last kilometer" at the end of the logistics wireless networking and remote terminal management problems.

Intelligent express boxsystem consists oflogistics delivery box, 3 g / 4 g router and M2M cloud management platform of three parts.among them, logistics delivery box includingread-writecontroller,electronic lock, storage cabinet, people can at any time use the passwordprovided by the courier company to takeout the parcel from the box,at the same time can also will need to send the parcel delivered to express box, waiting for the salesman to take away from the box. Hongdian 3 g / 4 g router canfor Self-help express cabinet wireless networking management system to establish a high speed, stable network and data transmission channel,all pieces of information transmission to companies’s background, for enterprises to analyze business and the same time, the operating enterprise through the M2M cloud management platform to achieve delivery box terminal of scattered in different locations to run the unified state regulation, effectively reduce the operational cost of the enterprise.

1.Implement logistics express company, electricity company and customer tripartite real-time information sharing, package delivery and efficient distribution

2.Help logistics enterprise realize "24 hours" delivery service, upload real-time logistics information to background of the enterprise

3.Help express box and electrical terminal business, express delivery companies and operators for docking, a large number of data interaction.

4.Implementation of a distributed deployment of express mail box terminal for centralized management, the running status of real-time control terminal ,reduce business operating costs, improve service quality and management benefit operators.

5. Reliable operating data report to provide decision-making basis for operators, improve the level of logistics industry informatization, promote the development of logistics industry and efficient distribution


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