Fleet Management

Fleet Management

With the rapid development of logistics industry, the scientific management of the vehicles becomes more and more important, especially the driver and vehicle safety management. Problems like driver fatigue driving, distracted driving and driver abnormal behavior; rear end collision accident prone, the vehicle can not accurately positioning and scheduling, driving safety; driver and vehicle insurance costs and so on, a lot of fleet safety management problems.


Hongdian provides the dynamic monitoring system for logistics vehicles, which can monitor and ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles and cargoes and provide value-added services to logistics enterprises and customers including letting them know the precise location of logistics vehicles, cargo delivery date and real-time vehicle condition very well, and also effectively improve the running ability of logistics enterprises, increase the utilization ratio of storage places and reduce the oil consumption of freight vehicles. So that the customers can really rest assured. 

1. Reduce accident to vehicle and driver

2. Keep vehicle safe, avoid oil theft

3. Monitor vehicle and driver behavior to keep Compliance Management  

4. Vehicle scheduling improve transportation efficiency

5. Help driver when accidents happen

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