The Manufacturing Automation is based on the application of the iot technology, combined with the advanced manufacturing technology of the future, and form a new intelligent manufacturing system and use the environmental awareness of all kinds of terminal, mobile communications and other technology to industrial production of each link, increase efficiency of the manufacturing and improve product quality, reduce product cost and resource consumption, to improve traditional industry to a new stage of intelligence. Widely used in production process control, production environment monitoring, manufacturing supply chain tracking, product lifecycle monitoring, safety production and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Manufacturing Automation mainly has the functions of front end monitoring and control system, and the remote service center of two parts.

1. front end monitoring and control system: the system includes industrial sensors and industrial wireless networking technology, sensor is a kind of testing device used in industry, able to measure or perceive a particular state and change of the object, and translated into transmission, processing, and can store electronic signals, or other form of information, in the process of automation, various sensors are used to monitor and control the various parameters in the production process, so that the equipment works in a normal state. the large data obtained from the on-site device is transmitted over an industrial wireless network to remote server center.

2.remote service center: obtain data from field equipment, complete centralized management, such as remote control, remote monitoring, alarm and trend analysis etc. simultaneously connect to enterprise automation system, provide relevant production data to guide the enterprise to make comprehensive management decision.

The Manufacturing Automation greatly improve manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce product cost and resource consumption.


1.Strong terminal monitoring capability

Through the remote service center, we can monitor the on-line running status of terminal products in the project, and save the cost of network management and terminal maintenance

2.Implement remote maintenance management

Through the remote service center, you can view the end online situation remotely, remote update program patch, remote configuration terminal parameter, the terminal position identification is realized, and the maintenance of site management is convenient

3.Network status statistics

Check the status and changes of the network for automatic switching between 2G / 3G / 4G networks. the network loses packet delay statistics, checks the daily usage flow chart, carries on the network environment analysis

4.Equipment remote fault diagnosis

When flow rate, signal anomaly, system auto alarm, can prevent to be not, detect problem in time, resolve quickly, reduce loss

5.The business USES traffic statistics

In addition to being able to help customers never leave home to manage equipment, lower operating costs, "save money" for the customer, the remote service center to become more customer's right-hand man "make money". the remote service center provides the flow statistic analysis function, can direct the traffic situation of each node, provides the most accurate basis for the business operation decision analysis

6.The cloud business is managed by the next machine

Through the remote service center management tools, the data call task management, data center docking, data mining and localization intelligence analysis are realized

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