Oil & Gas distribution

Oil & Gas distribution

Remote field data from pressure sensor or gas meter and SCADA systems needs to be captured frequently, for optimizing production and operation purpose. And more and more companies connect their Oil & Gas distribution online by cellular network.

By hongdian cellular routers, companies could captured data and even video real-time from all parts of the oil field, and data helps to management and maintenance, and improve performance.  

Changes are happened in Oil & Gas distribution and in all energy industry, cellular network help to improve Oil & Gas distribution reliability and reducing system manual demand.

Easy to Deploy

Compare with traditional land lines, cellular network removed the most of requirement of environment. And config tool make installations easier for plant managers to monitor and maintain critical equipment.

Work with your data server or Hongdian cloud platform, two-way cellular communications between equipment and server, allows you to monitor sensors timely and receive alerts that reduce or eliminate manual processes.

Optimize Safety & Security
Optimize safety and security by monitoring asset location and utilization across dispersed assets.


Together with Hongdian cloud platform, wireless solutions could easily scale from tens to millions of nodes, meantime reduce maintenance and increase efficiency by using advantages of cloud services.

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