Outpatient Care Devices

Outpatient Care Devices

With the rapid development of the wireless communication technology, and the improvement of the medical technology, the hospital information construction will have more development space; the application of a variety of new medical devices in hospitals is more and more widely. The combination of Internet of things and medical equipment will be more conducive to the management of equipment such as maintenance, upgrade, and etc. 

The outpatient care device connects to the wireless router H8922S by LAN, and access to the Internet through 3G/4G or wired network, and the router H8922S provides multi VPN for the secure connection. It can allow the technical support staffs and the related administrators to access the medical device.

1. Reduce operating costs

The medical equipment needs to be in good working condition, and the medical staffs are no relevant professional knowledge for the equipment. Technical support personnel can remotely monitor the devices, instead of frequent onsite maintenance.

2. Efficient management

Multiple devices will be distributed to different hospitals, after accessing the Internet  to the management server, their various status can be sent to the server, this will make the management of equipment more standardized and efficient.

3. Secure connection

The router supports multiple VPN connection types, including PPTP/L2TP, IPSec, GRE Tunnel, and etc., and supports IP filtering, MAC filtering, MAC filtering, and etc. Device can be connected to the external network for more convenient management while the safety of the device can be maintained.

4. Multiple networking modes

The router provides WAN, 4G, WiFi modes for the medical device to access the Internet, and it support dual module/dual SIM/PPPoE/Wi-Fi mutual backup, to keep the well network connection of the medical device.

5.  Easy to extend more function

The medical devices can stay in the local area network, they can communicate with other equipment through LAN or WiFi connection, such as the PC and cellphone, and it will be more interesting that the medical device can be easily managed by some App.

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