Cash Register Smart Network

Cash Register Smart Network


In modern commercial, cash register has been used in many shops and super markets, which plays an important necessary role in common life. For developed countries, cash register coverage rate has reached 70%-80%, it benefits cash efficiency, product safety, precision marketing etc., meantime improves customer shopping satisfaction. Administrator can manage all shops or super markets remotely uniformly through sales management platform, which clarifies all managed areas sales achievement and product stock status etc.


With cash register large-scale application, the problem we are facing is how to solve the communication of branch to branch, branch to central sales management platform as some areas exist wired connection deployment difficulty and high cost, the communication data is mainly from cash register, advertisement display and surveillance devices, so we need to ensure the communication data high real time, stability and security.

Based on the scenario requirements, Hongdian takes advantage of 17 years IoT experience to bring one total smart network solution for cash register, Hongdian router hardware has taken high speed 3G/4G module, more powerful CPU and memory, Wi-Fi , GPS, also has flexible interfaces, RJ45, Serial, GPIO, USB etc., for software, IPSec, EzVPN, DMVPN, OpenVPN has been deployed in many successful cases, which provides high security for the communication data, moreover industrial lead link backup function can keep the communication data high stability for 24h online. With Hongdian IoT management platform, administrator can monitor and maintenance every spoke router network quality, device status, data traffic etc., meantime email alert will be sent to every administrator, extremely locates the problem quickly in case of device issue. Overview, Hongdian 3G/4G cash register smart network can extract and accelerate the greater commercial business value for every cooperation partner.


Hongdian 3G/4G cash register smart network benefits:

1. Industrial product quality, provide high speed 3G/4G network link, flexible VPN solutions and link redundancy can ensure the communication data most security and stability, extremely keep commercial property safety.

2. Reduce project deployment complexity and cost effectively, not need to deploy wired connection, the data communication passes through 3G/4G simcard.

3. Improve remote maintenance ability, Hongdian IoT management platform can support 20000 routers level maintenance, which can monitor, configure, update all the routers remotely, not need any on-site maintenance, reduce maintenance cost greatly and keep network away.

High extension and appreciation, Hongdian IoT management platform also provides standard API for administrator sales management platform secondary development, thus builds up more precision marketing value.

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