Precise Monitoring Smart Network

Precise Monitoring Smart Network

With the development of the society, urban population is increasing more and more, some transgression violence events happened at times, which affects society and people safety, people in the urban needs stable safety confidence so that they have a happy life. In some areas of the urban, as lack of the effective monitoring for the property, when transgression violence events happened, police is hard to capture the effective evidence and take the inspection, it will increase the duration which police solve the case, thus crime will get more crazy and damage people life.


Based on the current scenario that monitoring can not cover some remote areas, Hongdian has provided the total solution about precise monitoring, with the aid of mobile provider network, Hongdian 3G/4G router can transfer monitoring data to monitoring center real-time, speedy and stable. So far 3G/4G network has covered urban every area, so Hongdian 3G/4G router can reach some quite precise area, then pass back real-time video via 3G/4G, it can solve urban last mile precise monitor problem, greatly reduce police the duration of solving the case, takes more safety confidence for people life.

Hongdian 3G/4G Precise monitoring smart network benefits:

1. Improve urban precise monitoring coverage range, decrease some monitoring blind areas, it can reach meter level precise monitoring.

2. Decrease precise monitoring implementation cost and duration, not need network wire installation, installation and deployment are relatively easy.

3. Hongdian 3G/4G advanced network redundancy feature can keep monitoring data online and active for 24 hours, pass back monitoring data in a high speed of 3G/4G.

With the aid of Hongdian IoT management platform, administrator can remote monitor, manage and maintenance all the routers, not need on-site technical support, greatly reduces manpower cost.

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