Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture is the Internet of things technology applied to traditional agriculture, using sensors and software via mobile platform or computer platform to control agricultural production, precision agriculture has more "Precision". Precision Agriculture is the advanced stage of agricultural production, relying on various sensor nodes deployed in the field of agricultural production, environmental temperature and humidity, soil moisture, carbon dioxide, image, etc.) and wireless communication network to realize the agricultural production environment of intelligence, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making, intelligent online analysis, expert guidance, to provide agricultural production precision planting, visual management, intelligent decision making.


Precision Agriculture is the Internet of things technology applied in the field of modern agriculture, mainly has the functions of monitoring system, real-time image and video monitoring system.

 1. monitoring system: based on wireless network for the plant growth environment of information, such as monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, plant nutrient content and other parameters. Information collection, responsible for receiving data from the wireless sensor gathering node, storage, display and data management, implement all base test point of information acquisition, management, dynamic display, and analysis to intuitive graph and curve display to the user and according to the above all kinds of information feedback to the agricultural park for automatic irrigation, automatic cooling, automatic mode, automatic liquid fertilizer fertilizer, such as automatic spraying automatic control at the same time, the platform will send SMS alarm to the user.

2.Real-time image and video monitoring system: through the multi-dimensional information with multi-level processing to achieve optimal growth environment of crops toning and fertilizer management. But as for the management of agricultural production, only numerical value of the physical presence is not entirely build crop optimal growth conditions. Video and image monitoring for material and material between the association provides a more intuitive way of expression. The introduction of video and image processing, no only can intuitively reflect the growth of some crops grow, but also can side reflect the overall status of crop growth and nutrition levels can give farmers as a whole to provide a more scientific planting decision theory basis.


1. Acquire the agriculture field data at any time

In the monitoring center can be combined with park plan visual display agricultural production field of meteorological data, soil data, as well as a variety of farm machinery equipment running status.

Meteorological data: air temperature, air humidity, illumination time and light intensity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, the concentration of carbon dioxide, and so on

Soil data: tension of soil temperature, soil moisture content, soil, soil pH, soil EC value, and so on

Device status: status light shade condition, the pump pressure, valve, flow meter, vehicle location, and so on


2. The video image real-time monitoring

Through the video surveillance equipment and high-definition cameras on agricultural production on-site real-time monitoring, crop growth conditions for remote viewing.

According to the set at the same time, for video, video playback at any time.


3. The remote automatic control

Adopts full remote control system of intelligent design, user monitoring conditions, can be fully automated operation, the scene of the remote control to produce all kinds of agricultural infrastructure and agricultural equipment, rapid automated irrigation, as well as the construction of intelligent greenhouses.


4. Intelligent automatic alarm

According to the required environmental conditions, crop planting of early-warning system is set up.

Once there is unusual, the system will automatically to the administrator mobile alerts, such as high temperature early warning, early warning at low temperature, high humidity.

Warning condition when triggered, the system can automatically on agricultural production, used for automatic control equipment to deal with abnormal situation, or by the administrator intervention to remove anomalies.

When soil drought, for example, the system will issued a warning, and automatically open irrigation equipment for irrigation, soil moisture content after reaching grape needs standards, the irrigation equipment will be automatically closed.


5.Multiple monitoring methods

System has been implemented seamless docking with the mobile phone, tablet PC, the PC Managers can monitor the park anytime and anywhere by the remote.

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